My story starts the same as any. Happy family, Mom, Dad and Daughter. Things were great, in fact more than great up until I was 16. Things started to fall. My mom started missing work and things just weren't the same. She started to get sick. After a few months of missing work because of her sickness, she got fired. Which made her more sick. I later found out that this was no ordinary sickness, my mom was depressed. The house started to become a pig sti, and our relationship started to fall.

Now I am 18, working, and in college. All you college students understand how hard it is to work a full time job and to also be going to school full time. There's not alot for that home life. So things got more hectic, the house became more of mess and tensions were high. Finally I couldnt take it anymore so i left. I am now living with my dad.

Last night was the worst of it all. My mom had spent the night and things were fine until it was time for bed. She started to cry, she said she didn't want to live anymore, she said she didnt want to feel the pain anymore. Then around 2:00 in the morning she started screaming. I don't know what happened. It was all so fast. From being a happy family to this horribly disfunctional family. I dont know what to do.

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I think your mother suffers from depression. Maybe a doctor could help ?

Suicide threats should never be taken lightly, especially when someone is depressed. Noone chooses to feel this way and it is the worst and loneliest and most painful feeling you can experience...I have been there and am depressed now. I once had to be hospitalized for suicidal tendencies and checked myself into the ER one night. It really saved me... Your mom needs your support. I know it is hard, but right now she feels very far away from love of any kind. Try to talk to her to going to the ER ASAP before she gets worse or does something you can never turn back. If she gets very serious, you could even call the ambulance yourself if you really think or see her trying to hurt herself. She needs help very badly. She feels very alone right now.

She has gotton professional help, but nothing seems to work.

Your mum needs professional help, and its probably more your dad's place to say something to her than yours. If your dad will listen, tell him how what your mum's doing is making you feel.<br />
Then ask him to help her get professional help.<br />
Don't let your mum make you be the mother in the situation.<br />
Its not fair, when you have so much life ahead of you.<br />