For Me, Its a Goal

I dream of one day living in an emotionally-healthy environment.

Right now, I feel that I have a lot of draining emotional experiences, related to the people I deal with on a daily basis.

I have tried to explain what I need, but they forget and end up making me miserable, frustrated, and wanting to lash out.

So, my goal is to live on my own, so that I can better control who I interact with and how I interact with them.

Although, it would not just be living on my own, but to some extent cutting ties with my family, as they have been unwilling to recognize that I am an adult, desire independence, and do not at all want them attempting to micro-manage my existence.

I'm open to the fact that it may not end up being totally alone, but might be an environment shared with others who also value a drama-free environment and respect my value of silence. So far though, haven't found anyone who wants to live with me and respects my boundaries.
Rhan Rhan
26-30, F
Jun 26, 2007