Its Hopeless

My family is falling apart... peace by peace day by day....

I am the youngest of my family of four i have a sister in college and i'm in highschool. Then theres my mom and my dad. My sister and i get along great, i love her. We have the best time together and i love when she's home over the summer. My dad and i get along great also, sure we get in fights, but i always know he's right sometimes i just act like a brat. My sister and my dad get along great. So basically the three of us are fine together.

Today we were all making dinner, dad, sister, and i, and we were fine we were all helping out and life was good. Then my mom got back from the gym. She walks in... looks at how the food isnt ready... and starts. "When will the food be done!" My dad thought he would just put the salmon in the pot for 5 mins and be done (it was like readymade salmon). But then he realized he forgot to defrost it. When my mom found this out she flipped saying how my dad didnt listen to her instructions and that we all failed and blahblahblah i tuned it out. Finally after fighting over fish for a good 10 minutes it was done and we all sat down to dinner. Dinner was ok... we made petty conversation and all was well. Then when everyone was done eating my mom decides to bring back up the salmon along with many other problems that we weren't all doing right. Finally i ran upstairs and locked the door while my mom, dad, and sister duked it out. Then when everything got quiet and i thought i was safe my mom yells from downstairs for me to open my door and come out. I did so and while i did she started interrogating my about earlier when she asked if i did my hw and i told her "no of course not because i am a gremlin child just like you always say i am." And after 5 minutes of interrogating me and my sister for laughing at my remark something was brought up and i laughed. Then she immediately yelled for me to bring down my computer and my phone and because i was disrespectful. I am sorry but how do you respect someone who is supposed to be your loving mother but acts like a virus infecting the whole house with anger and rage. I dont know what to do anymore. I do all my chores i try not to talk back meanwhile she is yelling at everyone in the house and everyone is yelling back and I AM SUPPOSED TO BE NICE TO HER WHILE SHE YELLS AT EVERYONE I LOVE!!! i just cant take it anymore! i dont know what to do. im helpless i have no power over her and no matter what i say she never listens. i just feel like it is hopeless and our family is falling apart and its not fair!!! what did i do or anyone in this house do to deserve this!?!?!? I am trapped in my own personal hell.
imalilsis imalilsis
Jul 29, 2010