An American In Turkey

Wow!  Living in Turkey, I know people like to hear about it but I never felt so "put on the spot" about it. It is beautiful here in Bodrum, but I so miss home.  For me home is Pennsylvania and it is not so much the land I miss but the collective people. Slowly I am making friends here, but it will take 30+ years for some of the to know me as long as some of my "old" friends and family.  This is the most difficult part of living abroad.  My brother lived his whole life in Germany, I guess the trick is to get out of the country at a young age.  The older you are the harder it is. One big help is I have a church here that is like home away from home.  My husband is Turkish and he lived in the US for 30 years,   I never thought we would be here.  Oh yes there are the many things -dumb things- like coffee available at every gas station and corner, cereals they don't have, they have peanut butter - thank God.  Cambell's Tomato Soup - I make it from scratch and it takes hours, but it is good.  Most of the food is different and I guess I am just stuck in my ways at this age,  I liked the Turkish food in the US, but much of it here I don't, go figure.

Well, as for beauty, the landscape view of the sea is amazing.  History?  Ephesus is only 2 hours away, St. Peter's Castle is 1/2 hour from our home.  You get used to driving past the huge outdoor ampitheater. 

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Mar 2, 2010