I Live In a Ghetto

I live in a "low income housing project". Police cutbacks have quadrupled the crack activity around here. I have a son who has to grow up here and there is nothing I can do about it. I am stuck in a perpetual and generational cycle of poverty. But I am going to college in the fall and I hope it helps us out of here.

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Find your son a decent role model, who he can respect. And who isn't family. Hope the best, fear the worst.

Find your son a decent role model, who he can respect. And who isn't family. Hope the best, fear the worst.

Find your son a decent role model, who he can respect. And who isn't family. Hope the best, fear the worst.

Find your son a decent role model, who he can respect. And who isn't family. Hope the best, fear the worst.

I see why she deleted her account now most of these replies were condescending or otherwise sucked some type of dingleberry.

Lou2012<br />
I agree but then I don't. Life is for the taking however things don't just happen over night, it takes time. Fortunately I've been blessed to look past the situation I'm in and look at the big picture(although it can be depressing being around negativity all the time). I know that this will not last forever . I will work towards a better life for my son and I yet it will take some time. So for the time being I'm not happy that my son has to live in this type of environment. <br />
Everyone wants what's best for their children and this type of environment sure isn't. People complain about things everyday in life even small insignificant things that doesn't mean they aren't making moves while they complain.<br />
Sometimes the Universe will provide and I feel sometimes it wont because life is unpredictable. <br />
My sister on the other hand owned her first home and moved to Georgia at the age of 26, so I know if you put your mind to it it'll happen.

What ever it is called, gehetto, barrio.. it is a state of mind. None of my siblings ever left the barrio where we were raised... They live miles from that one, but the one they live in now.. after over 50 years is but a different barrio.<br />
Many say.. its home.. where the other people are like them.. I guess that's true.<br />
<br />
You need to see beyond the footprint of what is comfort.. or what is called comfort. I found this also applies to the job or work you do.<br />
<br />
You need to take a good look at yourself to see these things.. but.. this is exactly what most will not do.. It is much easier to complain or settle for what is handed you. Life is for the taking.. the universe will provide.. if it is asked for.

I know how you feel . I have to raise my son in the ghetto. Some of the children use foul language already and he is only in Elementary school (Pre-K). There has been four shootings already and fatalities in the past 2 months. Fortunately I don't live in the projects ( I live in a pretty good building<br />
It's once I step out ,that the drama begins. I can't even take my son to school without some of the mothers lashing out at me for no apparent reason.... I guess because they're not satisfied with their lives. Just pure negativity 24/7.

I understand what you are going through. I have chronic health issues, paralized, and my husband supports me and my daughter. We bought a house far out from the city because we could not afford to rent in the city when the housing boom went bust here, the rents skyrocketed. In one year, had a guy shot on my porch, shootings outside frequent, guy break in my house that was armed ... property crime. We are stuck here. My daughter is the minority in her school, and gets threatened and she is only 8. Husband can not leave his job in todays market, so we are stuck. It scares me to death every day being here.

The ghetto I grew up in was called a barrio. The police didn't go there unless it was in force. At the time I don't know who did the most damage to the few of us that were not part of it, we only had no other place to go.<br />
The war between the gangs and the police didn't take prisoners.<br />
<br />
The barrio hasn't changed much only different faces... after a lot of grinning and bearing and sweat... I got out and still don't do drugs and gang stuff. Others that left are really still there, they just have a nicer place now.

my prayers are with you hope you get out soon. and take care of your son.

Some of the best people I know live in the "ghetto". It's nothing to be ashamed of. I have family that lives in the "ghetto" and they're lovely people just as most their neighbours are.<br />
<br />
I think that ghetto is more of a mindset really. Yes there are drug and crime infested neighbourhoods but there are oft times more good people there than bad people.

Thanks.<br />
I wish only the best for you IT. <br />
I have faith that you can work your way out .<br />
You're smart. You can do it.

I live on a crack-block with dealers right outside my window, but I'm moving out at the end of the month.<br />
I'll be moving to a very nice neighborhood for one dollar less than I'm paying now.<br />
I found it on craigslist.<br />
I just entered the neighborhood I wanted and how much I could pay, and I found an affordable housing apartment. <br />
I applied and they approved me. <br />
It's like a dream come true. <br />
My sincere hope is that you might do the same.

I know what u mean, It was really bad for me because I turned my back on my gang and old friends to leave, but it was worth it though, u going to school in the fall is the best thing for u and ur kid

I grew up in that environment too and almost let it pull me under, But I said screw it and did what i had to do to get out, but once u realize what your going through right now is just a stepping stone to something better, and just remain positive then I believe everything will work out for you. And If i can make it out anybody can LOL

Keep the faith, folks. And keep your eyes on the prize.

I lived in the projects before I came here to florida

Hey girls, hang in there. You guys definitely seem like fighters. I know you guys will make it out of there. : ) Good luck.

Wish you both (Sweetpea82 and bestfootforward) the best in all your endeavours.