Canadian Ghetto.

For over a year now I have been living i a ghetto neighborhood, because it is all I can afford.  Unlike most around here I own my own home, but owning house in this hood does not mean much.    Drugs, alcohol and racial tensions tore this neighborhood apart a long time ago.  I am a white guy living in a predominantly aboriginal neighborhood.   I share my block with gangsters and dope dealers.   On my block there is a drug rehab center and a low income Towerblock and run down houses as far as the eye can see.   Crime is really bad here.  Murder, assault, drug dealing, you name it I've seen it.  A guy can get his head kicked in for a six pack of beer around here.   There is a few good people living here like my wife and I and my neighbors on either side that are trying to clean up the neighborhood, but it is an uphill battle when City Hall declared this area a lost cause long before I ended up here.    Now that I am unemployed my options seem to be dwindling everyday.  It is hard not to get swallowed up in the despair around here.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I lived in a low income apartment for 6 months and it was the worst time of my life!...the neighbor's rejected me for things that were non-sense to me. They damaged my new car and verbally harassed me daily or sit inches away from my door to listen to my conversations...The ghetto seems to really hate blacks that appear stable but are not associated with their culture...And the ghetto contains all races not just blacks...

Just a suggestion....Rent out your house to a decent family and move into a small condo in a nicer area with less crime, etc...Because most extremely poor people are in the inner city and they are always angry. No joke... You might get cracked in the head for smiling too much or saying something positive. Just be thankful that you and you wife have not experienced any attacks. It is a society of people who just don't care and to ignorant to figure out a better way to live and behave.