It's Kind Of Annoying

Yeah, I live in a haunted house and it has been one ever since I was a fetus. I found out a few years back that my house was built on top of an Native American burial ground. Things have been going on ever since I was a baby and that was when it was major stuff. Now I just find that things are missing and then they turn up in a few days or months and hear people in the other room talking when I'm the only one that's at home. My room is right by the living room and I can hear whenever someone is walking down the hallway. Numerous nights I can hear two or three people talking in the living room and we don't have our TV in there anymore. I go in to see if my parents and brother are in there, and low and behold no one is there. There was one instance where these happenings almost killed me. I have asthma, and I have my inhaler by my bedside every night in case of an emergency. One night, I woke with very labored breathing and needed it, and it wasn't there. My family turned the house upside down looking for it but to no avail. They ended up taking me to the hospital and it was a happy ending from there. Then about three or four months later, I came home from school and it was laying there on my nightstand. I was shaken a little by this, and didn't tell anyone. Now it's just little things that go missing, and I'm getting annoyed by it.
1womansymphony 1womansymphony
18-21, F
Nov 13, 2010