I Don't Live There Anymore

I am not one to believe in ghosts without evidence, but there is always that little corner of your mind that wonders, I suppose. Nevertheless, I am more inclined to be practical, and chalk up my experiences to natural occurrence...when I can.

In the house where I lived with my ex-husband there were several occurrences and I won't attempt to explain them because I don't know what caused them. I will simply catalog them.

The previous owner of the house was completely paranoid. There was an alarm system on the house, mirrors on the back porch, a warning bell set to ring if anyone came in the driveway, and she had set bars across the windows in the attic. There was an odd piece of long telephone wire nailed to the attic floor. I had a very strange dream about the attic shortly after we moved in. I dreamed I walked up the attic stairs and the attic door opened and it was filled with blue light.

We saw her bedroom...the master bedroom....before she moved out and it was beyond creepy. It was crowded with every sort of religious statue you could imagine.

Shortly after we moved in I was taking a bath, my then husband was lying on the bed, and there was a violent banging on the interior door that led to the cellar, as though someone was pounding on it, on the lower panels of the door. We were unable to account for the banging, and since I was naked in the tub and could not get up to investigate, it went unchecked.

Several times while living there I smelled unexplained smells. Perfume in the bedroom would "come up" out of nowhere after I had been lying in bed for a while. Cigar smoke would "come up" in the living room in the same way, and then fade away.

Our dog died and was cremated, but we didn't bury her. I think we loved her too much. I got a new puppy ten days later that looked almost exactly like her, and I had him in the back yard playing when a wind came up. We went in the house. The wind got higher and higher and began to howl. I stood at the door and the wind howled and then it began to sound exactly...exactly like my dog that had just died. It was her voice to a T, and she had a very, very distinctive howl, and it sounded like it was howling right at my back door. I was afraid to open the door because I didn't know what it was for sure.

My husband got home later and I fixed his supper and served it to him, and the wind began to howl again, and it sounded just like our dog again, and he looked at me and I could see that he was really afraid. I didn't want him to be afraid, so I just acted really casual, and I said, "Oh, that's just the wind. That's been doing that all day."

At the end of my marriage, during the year I returned to try to reconcile with my ex-husband, there were several odd happenings.

One night, my ex-husband came to me, upset, and said, "Did you hear that?" I said "No, what ?"

And he told me he had heard banging on the side of the house, very loud. I listened, and I heard it. It sounded like someone hitting the side of the house with a baseball bat. It was on the end of the house toward the woods. I suggested that I go outside to investigate, and I did. I went out to look, and there was nothing that could have made that sound. No rocks that could have been thrown, no pine cones, no downed branches, no BB holes in the side of the house, and there was snow on the ground and there were no footprints.

The banging on the outside of the house happened several more times and he continued to appear frightened by it. I continued to go outside to check, and there was never anything there.

Then his bedside table's doors began to open and shut by themselves. Then he told me that my bedside table doors were opening and shutting by themselves. I was watching television at the time so I can't verify this. I told him that perhaps that is why the previous owners wanted to get rid of the set.

The light on the cellar stairs would shut off when I was halfway up. I thought maybe the ex was playing a trick on me because it happened twice, then I thought it was a loose bulb, and I got up on a ladder and tightened the bulb. It stopped. I walked up and down the stairs just to be sure that it had stopped happening. I got up to the top of the stairs and I reached out to turn out the lights, and all the lights in the cellar went out a fraction of a second BEFORE I hit the light switch.

You had to walk through the cellar from the driveway in bad weather and go up those stairs to get up into the house, because otherwise you would get wet, so I often went in that way. Another odd thing that happened was the furnace down there. I started to think of the furnace as sentient. It would be perfectly quiet. Not a peep out of it. Then, the MOMENT I would walk past, the thing would ROAR on. It was like it was waiting for me. It always made me jump.

One night I was lying there unable to sleep, watching the hallway, and the refrigerator light was illuminating the hall. I had a clear view of the bathroom doorway and the doorway to the cellar. I am certain it was my imagination, or some sort of trick the light was playing on my eyes, but it looked as though the figure of a man outlined in a sort of energy or light-energy? sort of fuzzy edged came through the cellar door and walked into the bathroom.

So I don't know what caused any of those things, or even if some of them actually happened, like the man, if that was my imagination, or if the ex really saw his bedside table doors open and shut,because I didn't see that one myself. Let's call them odd occurrences, possibly paranormal.
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Do you felt scared when you live in a haunted house?

It has taken me a few years to find your comment, because my story got buried under a huge pile of other stories. I haven't seen my own story in years. But I did want to answer you. I did feel scared a couple of times. When the dog was howling and I knew she was dead....that scared me at first. What scared me was that I wasn't sure it was my dog...or if it was something else. Then I began to feel an unbearable pity....in case it really was my dog....pity that she was lost....that she wanted to come in and I was afraid to open the door. I was a little frightened when the banging on the cellar door occurred when I was in the bathtub. Neither my husband nor myself could have made the banging noise....so SOMETHING or someone was actually IN the cellar, inside our supposedly locked house, making that noise. I never did decide that was paranormal for sure....I kept telling myself that the former owner's son must have a key....and was pranking us. Later, when the furniture started opening and closing and the banging started on the outside of the house, I wasn't frightened at all. I didn't believe the furniture doors were opening and closing by themselves....I thought my ex was making it up. And even though I could hear the banging, at the time I assumed it was due to some natural occurance....I just couldn't figure out what. The cellar light turning itself off a fraction of a second BEFORE I touched the switch...THAT scared me. But I didn't stay scared. I was so upset with my ex husband at the time I thought he had figured out some way to fool with the electricity, just to mess around with my head, because he was so good at that.

I, am by no means an expert in this subject, but i am sooooo!!! very interested in the "paranormal" it is my favourite subject! lol <br />
I have had a few experiences of my own which i have related in "blogs" on another social networking site!! where there are all experts in the field! ot the unknown!!,. <br />
Reading your experience, my mother and brother, had a similar encounter to your's with the "banging on the walls" that they could not account for, the house next door to them was empty and the other side, of this property there was nothing, My mother was a bigger "pyschic" than i, experiencing all sorts of "ghosts/spirits" throughout her life and she used to say things, like; "the house don't want her there" she would see apparitions, you name it she saw them!! My brother, two children and i have all followed her, with her, (if you can call it this) "abilities" lol I have written an encounter on here, entitled the "Nun" and i saw a "ghost today" <br />
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Thank you for sharing your contribution!!! my friend i enjoyed reading it!! it made me shiiivvvveeerrr!!!!!!! :-)

You mention the cold, and that is one thing that surprised me when I moved to this apartment. The heat at the old place was set to 68 degrees but I was always SO cold!!!! I could never get warm! But in this new place, I set the heat to 68 and it is actually warm. I am wondering if there was something wrong with the heating system at the old house.