My Haunted House

The house that I have lived in for the past 9 years is haunted. Things began happening shortly after we moved in. mainly I just hear noises, as if someone is in the next room moving around, or if Im downstairs I hear footsteps upstairs. Just recently I was sitting downstairs and heard (or what sounded like ??) my front door open, but not close. I waited a few seconds and didnt hear anything so went up to investigate. Nobody was there and the door was shut.

Sometimes, and this is so annoying, things will go missing. I will know exactly where something is (or was) and then they arent there. I will give up looking for it and then days later viola! There it will be, right where I thought it to be. We say the "little people" have it. I will actually say out loud "okay, i know you have it and thats fine. But its very important you give it back because I really need it". And eventually it shows up gain.

I could fill pages about the things that have happened here but doubt anyone really wants to read that much.

The last thing I would like to include though is the fact that it doesnt scare me at all. Both my kids have grown and moved out so I live here alone now but it doesnt bother me. Is that odd? I suppose if something horrible or sinister began showing itself I would be scared but up to this point its just mainly mischevious. I would be interested in hearing others stories.. 
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1 Response Jan 15, 2011

I have the same problem at my house. I will make sure that I would put lets say a photo of my family on my dresser and it will be on my bed when I come home from school. And my mom is on bed rest so i KNOW it wasn't her.