Paranormal Things Have Happened To My Family My Whole Life....

When I was 5 I went to visit my grandma (we are all neighbors, we live on the same street/neighborhood) and I ended up taking a nap in one of her many rooms. I woke up because i felt something cold on my face and woke up to find a little girl playing with my hair, I screamed and ran and tried to open the door and when I turned around the little girl wasn't there anymore, later my grandma told me it was just my aunt who wanted to visit me. Her daughter (my moms little sister) died when she was 7yrs old because she was climbing trees and fell. The room that I was sleeping in used to be her room.

3 yrs ago my cousin and I played the ouija board but a door shut in my house as soon as we started playing so we got very scared and decided to stop. My cousin said it was bad luck to throw the board away in our own home so we decided to go to our uncles bakery which is about 2 miles from my house. We ran to the back of the bakery and threw it in the trashcan in the back. I went in to say hi to my uncle since he saw my car parked there and knew I was there, I then asked if I could use the restroom in the back of the bakery he said yes so i ran back there and washed my hands, someone knocked on the door and I thought it was my cousin so I opened it and there was no one back there and all of the lights except an oven light had been turned off in the back. I ran to the door and went back into the shop part of the bakery and said bye to my uncle and left....that was the first of bad things that started happening after playing the oujia board.... a few nights later I was fast aleep when I woke up suddenly I looked around my room and it was all dark and there was no noise or light so i was surprised at why I had suddenly woken up so I just tuned over, fluffed my pillow and tried to fall back asleep. Thats when I felt something heavy near my feet like if something had just taken a seat at the foot of my bed. I was too scared to open my eyes so I squeezed them shut and suddenly felt something heavy ON TOP OF ME it started at my feet and started crawling up my body, it was the scariest experience ever but for some reason I couldn't scream I then opened my eyes but I could only see my dark wall I couldn't twist or turn so I couldn't see what was on top of me since I was on my side I then started praying in my head over and over and I finally felt relief and regained movement so i ran into my moms room and told her what had happened she started praying with me and nothing happened again....for a few weeks. My room is right beside my front porch like If i were to open my window I can literally stick my foot out and be standing on my porch. Well I was in my room early one morning reading a magazine when I heard steps on my front porch so I thought that maybe my dad had gotten home early from work, I then hear our porch swing creek and I look towards my window and my blinds were closed but I could see the shadow of someone on the other side of the blinds standing there. This shadow was really tall, way taller than my dad so I immediately freaked out and ran to the living room I looked through the living room window and saw that NO ONE was on the porch. I walked over to my aunts house and stayed there until my dad got home because I was too scared to stay home. I then decided I couldn't live in fear anymore so I went to church and spoke with the priest and told him that I had played the oujia board. He then gave me a list of prayers to pray when I got home and he made a visit to my house that night and did a prayer and rubbed holy water on my front door and on the sill of each window so that no evil spirit could come inside.

After that nothing paranormal happened to me anymore except for now I live in a college dorm and I have heard crying and talking in the empty dorm across the hall and stuff goes missing in my room later to pop up on my bed or at the top shelf of my closet but have recently found out that a baseball player hung himself in his closet 2 years ago but now these little incidents dont scare me because I know its him and everytime something happens I just say a prayer for his soul.

I have MANY more stories from my aunts (neighbors) but I wont bore you guys with those (:
jbarrera404 jbarrera404
18-21, F
Oct 28, 2011