The Day I Met Elizabeth......

Like most people, I never believe in ghosts or spirits. I assumed that once you died, you died. All of that changed in the 7th grade when a girl named Elizabeth moved to my small town. We became instant BFs. I remember almost everyday her saying, "She was scared to be home alone & that the house scared her." She would beg for me to go to her house and stay with her until her mom arrived home from work or vise versa (come to my house). The more time I spent out her house, the more I believed in the spiritual world. The first thing I remember was Elizabeth and I doing homework in her living room & then all of the sudden, a record player started blaring music REAL LOUD. I thought it was bizarre, but easily explained it to some issue with the old record player. Elizabeth was unnerved, but I didn't think much of it. On another visit, we were up stars playing in her room and all of the sudden we heard a teapot whistling on the stove (the burner was on with water in the teapot). Tears weld-up in Elizabeth's eyes and I could tell she was terrified, but again I had many reasons why that happened: maybe she accidentally turned on the stove, or someone's coming in the house to freak her out, maybe her mom came home for a brief moment and turned it on, or perhaps she was messing with me..... The next visit, we were watching TV in the living room and we saw smoke. There on the kitchen table was a cigarette burning on the table. Elizabeth said, "See - I told you there's something wrong with this house!" At this point, I still didn't believe her at all and tried to explain all of the weird experiences by something rational. The next visit to her house, I brought along my twin sister. We were all upstairs playing in Elizabeth's room when all of the sudden, we heard distinct foot steps coming up her hardwood staircase. We ran out of the room to give her mom a big hug, but no one was there and the steps were coming closer and closer and closer. We ran into Elizabeth's room and into her closet, shutting the closet door behind us. The footsteps came into the room and walk right to the closet door then the door handle started to jiggle (like the spirit was going to come in the closet). We were all scared to death: huddled together & crying in the closet. After that, I only went to Elizabeth's house one more time. I thought it would be safe because her mom was home. I was using the upstairs bathroom which had a door in it that lead to the attic. The door in the bathroom was locked and neither Elizabeth or her mom had access to the attic. In any case, I was sitting on the toilet and all of the sudden, the attic door swung open. I literally ran out of the bathroom with my pants down. I freaked out! I told Elizabeth's & her mom what had happened & they went in the restroom and the door was shut and locked as it always had been. I NEVER went in the house again, nor did I walk down Laurel Ave again (didn't want to be anywhere near the house). To this day, I've been haunted by the memories of this house & it has me questioning what do we really know about our reality. I completely understand unbelievers, because I too was one until the day I met Elizabeth.
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Thanks for sharing your story!