My Ghost Story

I had just moved in with my husband, the house isn't terribly old but not a new house basically an older farm house, two story , with a big wrap around porch.
Anyhow, the 1st experience I had was I was on the phone, when I heard a noise in the laundry room, there is a pocket door separating a bedroom area, I looked and the door opened about a foot and a half, then it slammed back shut! I was soo freaked out, but since then there have been soo many things I'm not sure I could remember them all, so I will just describe the most significant.
In Feb. 1998 a few days after my daughter was born, my friend and I were in the living room, my husband was walking into the dining room, on a desk there was a video tape, as my husband walked by, it flew, not dropped in front of him and dropped at his feet , the desk the tape was on was a good 4 feet away from where it landed, it shot straight out and straight down, we were all speechless for a second or 2 like trying to make sense of what we saw.
Another time I thought my husband had come home from work for some reason, despite the fact we have a long gravel driveway and I can usually hear anyone driving up and I heard no one, I assumed it was him that I heard open and close the bathroom door, a few seconds later I heard the toilet flush, then the shower Come on, no big deal, then my husband came home, I freaked out, we went into the bathroom, it was all steamy and the shower was on, there had been no one but me there!
My daughters Barney stuffed dinosaur started moving once on its own, I could have chalked it up to just a toy malfunction, except it was singing Pop goes the weasel instead of the Barney song, the only one it normally sang.
There was one time I was in the shower and I heard a tapping sound, the shampoo and conditioner bottles were rocking back and forth hitting the wall, no big deal right? But when I reached down to stop them, they pushed back, I got out of there and was freaking out, I grabbed a video camera and went back in there, I got them on tape , they kinda twisted back and forth " walking" along the edge of the tub, then both shot all the way to the faucet in and crashed into the shower wall, I stopped taping then and got the hell outa there!
Like I said lots and lots of things, drawers and cupboards open, sounds like glasses being broken in the kitchen, banging on doors, computer goes on and off, radios, I've seen a shape of a small man wearing a blue shirt, all kinds of things, at night I have pretty much every light on, I turn tv's on in several rooms to drown out sounds I don't want to hear, I'm not brave at all! It seems like the activity comes in waves, almost seasonally, usually worse in spring and fall, there will sometimes be a bunch of incidents and then no activity or even the weird feelings for sometimes months,.
I hate to tell people cause I hate it when I feel they don't believe me, but I feel a little better even with thar since I have the tape and there have been quite a few people that have been hear and saw or heard for themselves.
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i would love to see that video! if you still have it :)

I'm not brave at all, there will be some periods if time when nothing happens and so you kinda forget, I'm not very electronics savvy so I'm not sure I can post the video, heck I can't figure out how to download a picture! The video was taken several years ago so it wasn't a digital camera, I will ask my hubby if he knows how to do it, I would live to share it, it is so weird how everyday items can become scarey, I mean heck I bottle of shampoo, conditioner, I think about that kind of stuff a lot to keep me from being afraid, it is just shocking to the brain to see something move for no natural reason! I have done a little checking on the house, not much of interest, the only thing was, we live on a farm, and allegedly when years ago someone was working the field behind our house a headstone was unearthed, I have no idea of whose, or to be honest even if it is true, I heard it from someone who heard it from someone, and so on.<br />
But thank you for your comment, and I will try and get the video, I would live to see what people think!