I Have Several Ghost Living In My House

I move to this house in aug of 11, briging with me 2 spirits not my choice theres. My daughter sees them and after living here for just a few weeks she said there is lots of them. I only know of 8 ghosts in this house. We have had investigators come and invesitagate. They had trouble with cameras in my daughters room. a lady who came it to do the first part of the investigation told us becareful around the steps. My son a week later was pushed down our first flight of steps. I have tried to tapen in my daughters room how ever it dont turn out. My daughter no longer sleeps in her room because of the activty. Shes been pulled out of her bed and pulled under her bed. My wife and daughters have both woke up at time with scratches and just scratches appear out of no where. Doors open and close by them selves and lights turn off and on by them selves. Footsteps all the time.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

In my spiritulist church our ministers talk with ghosts, spirits who refuse to go to heaven, and tell them to go to the light.
That is how we do "ghost busting" in real life.
Don't just put up with it.

my dear friend please listen to and act upon what im about to tell you....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1A--LOuEEw..play this video on youtube with the volume all the way up in your house and daughters room, and god willing you will not experince any of these things in your house again. weather you are religious or not does not matter, this is a matter of safety and you should be willing to do anything to protect your family, so please give it a try. if you can play it till the end but if not at least play it half way, it is a very long recording but it will be worth every min if you play it till the end.