My Very Old Haunted House

Okay, so my house is almost 100 years old. I’ve been living in it for about 10+ years. If you see it, you'd be scared to sleep in it. It's a big, brick house on the East side where I live, which is rundown kind of (Where the Mexicans and Blacks lives) and have old houses. So anyways, about the bricks. Some streets in my neighborhood are made of brick. The bricks that make up my house are from the streets that have had people killed on from accidents and shootings. Imagine what spirits are brought in my house from them. Not only are there possibly spirits from the bricks, we are only the 2nd people to live here. The first people were a couple. They built it and lived in it until they died. They died at an old age, so their son and daughter or grandchildren sold it to my Dad and I. I don’t know if they died in the house or what.

I personally haven’t seen any ghosts anything. But I have felt them before. One time I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom and towards the top I felt something grab my butt. I immediately turned around to see what could have possibly done that. I checked to see if my jacket somehow hit my butt, but it went to my waist. I even checked to see if the railing did it or something. I was going nuts. So finally I realized that it was most likely a ghost so I ran to the bathroom a few feet from me and cried, scared to go back in the hall to my bedroom. Soon or later I went but I ran for my life.

Another time was when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom I heard a door slam shut. I was confused and looked down the hall when I was done and seen that it was my door that got slammed shut. So I walked to my bedroom to see if the windows were shut or open, they were shut. I had seen that my fan was also off. My cat was downstairs. Now, I’m thinking to myself, what could have possibly slammed my door shut? Figured it was a ghost.

This next time recently happened. I was sleeping and was half woken up by something poking, lightly touching my inner thigh and butt for a long time. I ignored it, being halfway asleep in a dream. I thought it would go away. Well, it happened again. Did the same as I did the first time. By this time I am having a dream about what I’m thinking it is. In my dream I am trying to decide if it was a ghost, my dog, or cat. As I’m thinking this in my dream, it happens again so I wake up fully. I am alert to either find my dog or cat. I look around to see nothing. Not even on the bed or in the bedroom or hall. I again, figured it was a ghost.

One time when my friend was staying the night, I had told her about these possible past experiences with ghosts. She was kind of freaked but didn’t pay much mind to it. Everything went well until we went to sleep. We made our bed on my bedroom floor right next to my door being shut. I got woken up with something outside my door. I figured it was my dog and or cat, or maybe even 3 year old sister. So I just fell back asleep. In the morning my friend told me she got woken up too when I did. She thought it was a ghost, being closer to the door than I was; she was able to hear and see better things than me. She described it as someone or something standing in the hallway. She waited for a long time for it to go away. She said she even seen the shadow from beneath the door and hearing the creaks in the floor every now and then, but no movement. Soon or later she just fell asleep.

This other time I didn’t experience. My Dad had told me about it, sometime after it happened to not freak me out because apparently I was there when it happened. What he told me was that when I had my friends over with my siblings, playing pool in our back living room, he seen a little girl in an old dress back in the early 1900’s. She looked about the age of 10 or so, with long hair. Kind of a blurry image is what he said. She was just standing there by the pool table, watching us play. Then soon or later she was playing with us. No one saw her except for my dad who was in the other room. He just kept looking at her as if he was dreaming, but realized it was a ghost. Later that night he seen the same girl, but in the kitchen walking around.

One thing I've noticed, I haven't encountered anything that might involve the people who used to live here. I don't know if it's just that I haven't seen them or what. Thankfully I haven’t seen real proof of any ghost. I’m deathly afraid of them. There have been times when I wouldn’t stay in my house. I would stay at my other house with my other parent. They just freak me out soo bad. I think it’s just the fact that they’re dead, yet I can still see them, hear them, and feel them as if they were alive. I believe ghosts can kill you. I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes by just a push, or a fire. There have been times where I tell them, “I know you don’t like to be called ghost, so I will call you unseen friend. I don’t want to make you made or anything. I’m sure you guys are good spirits. Just please don’t let me encounter anything with you guys. I will not want to live here anymore and I will cry my eyes out.” I’m a freak when it comes to ghosts and etc. And the other thing is, if I know FOR A FACT that there are ghosts in my house, I will be even more freaked out than not knowing for sure. It's confusing.
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Everybody is scared of ghosts.But don't be too afraid of them, the more you are afraid,the more unsafe you will be.Actually,ghost are scared of humans.So if you happen to meet one or feel,just ignored it and act brave and chant prayers.It have been said that humans have 3 lights;one on the had and 2 on the shoulders.The more angry and fierce you are,the brighter the lights.So,if you felt scared,the light will be dimmer.The brighter the light,the more it will scare the ghost.It will also prevent them from possessing you so EASILY.You should either move iut or find some preist or whatever to gelp you.

Have you considered getting your house blessed by a Catholic priest. They say prayers and sprinkle holy water. People say it helps bring a sense of peace to the house. <br />
<br />
Or, contact your local ghost hunters organization. There are organizations all over and they can confirm your suspections. They can also compare your home to other locations and they can tell you how strong the paranormal activity is at your home. <br />
<br />
Finally, you might consider recording all your experiences. Take pictures, set up video cameras, etc. You might even consider writing a book, and using this experience to share with others. You might even make some money from it.