Bad Spirits In My House

Its been about Three Years Living in this house. The house im currently live in is built new in 2005 On Land. Since Then alot of Scary things happen To Only Me well.. The First time i experience a Ghost is when I Was Sleeping in my Room dark I know I was Awake In The Middle Of That night  I couldnt Get Some Sleep, So I was Lying There And All the Sudden I Could Feel Like  I Was Paralaze I couldnt Move For 30 seconds  I Saw Images Of Ghosts Really Fast In MY head , Deep Inside My Chest Started To hurt My heart Beated Fast and I tried To Scream For Help But Some Reason I couldnt. It Felt Like someone Trying To Go inside My soul It was The most strange Feeling I ever Felt. There Were Times at night Would Feel Paralaze Again And Hear Creepy Voices and See Images Of Ghosts and I Saw A Red Figure In the Hallway and Had some Words At the Bottom But I couldnt Read them.This Still happen to me But Im Used to It now Sometimes im scared to go To Sleep. I dont know if Im trying to get A Vision because I can Sometimes See The Future or Its Just Ghosts Messing With Me.

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What you are experiencing is definitely sleep paralysis. You have actually fallen into a state of light sleep and you are dreaming, and your body actually becomes paralysed and you are unable to move or wake up This happens to a lot of people, and happened to me a lot when I was a teenager and a young woman. The upside of this condition is that it is age related. You will grow out of it as you grow older. By the time you are 35 or so it won't happen to you anymore at all.

It's called sleep paralysis google it

this has happened to me, well the future part anyway, i see things, then they happen, and i am also wandering if they are spirits messing with me, or if it is really that the spirit is now inside of me when i see them, but now, reading this, i dont feel so alone in feeling this. ;)

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