My Room

 I haven't noticed that much of our house is haunted, besides the room I live in with my sister. The room is above the garage. It is a pretty good sized room, I don't know the exact measurements but it is big enough to hold all of our stuff combined.

Anyway we have these little doors that are like tiny closets. They hold our shoes and extra junk. There is one on my side of the room, and two on my sisters side. Well one of the two we don't use because it has chain linked holes that show the outside, so we are afraid of mice and bees. The other reason is that the door leads to the upper part of the house. Filled with insulation.

If you walk through the insulation it will take you all over the house, from the top. So in there every night (And sometimes day like I hear it now.) we hear knocking. It is constant. Like someone is trapped in there and they want desperately to get out. Only me and my sister hear it, no one else in the family can.

I have also seen moving shadows. Our room is structured like an A-frame. So the ceiling slopes like a tent. Up there there are shadows cast by various objects in the room. Some that have no substance. They are swept about, moving with no purpose. Sometimes I watch them until I can fall asleep.

The knocking is continuing again at this very moment. I have NO IDEA what it is. But it kind of frightens me. 

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The house I grew up in was haunted. We didn't like going downstairs because whatever was there didn't like us. We weren't sure if there were more than one in the house because we'd here noises, but it was definately haunted. I hope yours is a nice one anyway. :o)

That's cool! I'm not sure if I would be afraid or excited if something like that happened to me. :D

I have a ghost in my room , but I think he/she is playfull.Every time i come back from work the ghost pinches me in the same spot like it was saing hi to me:D