On Rue Rambuteau

We live on the second floor in a fairly large apartement. There are sweeping stairs up to our place, and an old elevator. When you come through our front door, immediately to the right is a storage room. Opposite it is my father's study. The next room on the left is the libary which joins with the salon.

Opposite the salon is the main bathroom, which is quite a large room with two sinks/basins, a wc, a bidet, a shower and a bathtub. Next door to the bathroom is a laundry room and dressing room. Opposite these is the main kitchen.

The corridor runs on passed these rooms, and down to another corridor which leads to the four bedrooms. My parents' bedroom is the one closest to the kitchen, then a spare, my brother's bedroom and then mine.

My parents have collected alot of antique furniture, things passed to them from other areas of the family. We have alot of olive wood furniture, and walnut, and rose wood.
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Okay, I'll be honest. What came to my mind is the sound of money. Haha :D

Seriously though, your place sounds like a cool apartment to live in. There are probably a lot of happy memories there.

Yes, there are alot of very happy memories, and it will always, always be home to me!