I fell in love almost instantly with dave, we spent everyday together then he broke my heart by saying things aren't working out. After we spilt, I fell pregnant and dave did what any decent man would do and said he wanted to get back together and raise the baby as a family. Young and stupid and scared, I took him back. 4 years and another child later we are engaged and so unhappy. I never got the feeling of love back and we bring out the worst in each other. We don't respect each other but it's come to the point where we have gone too far to build our lives together. I don't want to leave cos I don't want to damage the kids and I don't know how to leave. I feel stuck and the pit of my stomach tells me off everyday for making the worst decision of my life. To an outsider, leaving might seem easy but when u have a home and kids, how can u? I feel like having an affair but that will just complicate things more.
Jessiegirl3 Jessiegirl3
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

just enjoy the affair. everything exist for a reason