It's About Time...

Living in a loveless and sexless marriage had and end date. I want to thank everyone for the support I have gotten on this site. I have met some great people and some I will call friends for a long time. My days are now down to single digits. Move out date was delayed a few days but I am still on my own path. I have read several stories where the person hurting wants to tell the other they are leaving in hopes of getting the love and desire that has been missing in the relationship. I did not have such hope but I did have one last sit down conversation with him to work out the final changes. What did I get out of the conversation? Nothing absolutely nothing… I talked and he sat there. It is sad that 25 years can end in this matter but I feel I need and deserve to be loved and treasured for the rest of my life. That is not what I have here. I will find that one day or I will grow old looking for it. I love hard and with all my heart and there is someone out there that deserves that and I will no longer be unloved by him. I will one day be happy.
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I too am in a 25 yr old (deteriorating and dying) marriage. Your story gave me the confidence to think seriously about leaving.We live with our extended family and he will not leave (he is incapable of doing anything without my help) I feel I am the wife and husband and Im tired.Even our kids wonder why Dad is so helpless and childlike.He has anxiety and some depression /panic attacks but he will not help himself.I have cajoled and comforted but you know that comfort never comes back my way! Good luck to you I wish you well health and JOY .

Dear Fed... It's the best thing I ever did... My kids are happier and so am I.. I feel as though I was living in a black and white boring dying world and now I see everything in color... It's a beautiful feeling and such a great relief... I really wish I had done this 10+ years ago...

You have the courage that I don't have yet. Good for you!!!