I Do But I Wish I Didnt

we live in a small house to begin with..no closet space, no garage, no attic, no spare rooms or basement.
its mostly my sister's fault its a pigsty because she buys dog toys and dog treats and just leaves everything where ever. she has a few long haired cats too and they get hairballs a lot and my mom has to yell at her just to get her to clean it up. and shes has a bigger room than me with a closet twice my size plus some in order to store the pet stuff but she just doesnt get off her @ss and do it. and we also make fleece tie blankets for everyone around christmas but it was onsale and she went overboard....it feels like the whole house is a disaster and will never be clean no mater how much i help out. it just feels hopeless she piles up the couch throws wrappers on the floor, never helps with laundry or dishes, so why do i bother. and im sure my mom would help more if she could but she has health problems and is sick a lot so i get stuck doing it and its not her place to be doing it shes not the one making the mess and usually the only thing i dirty is my room because theres never enough room for all my stuff so it sits on my dresser or a pile on the floor and just looks blaaaah. i get so fed up with it the only reason i clean anymore is to save myself from the embarassment when friends come over and so i dont live in a complete and total pig sty. well if you have any advice or any comments to make me feel better let me know....thanks
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I too live in a messy house but that is my fault as I always say " I will do it tomorrow" and of course tomorrow never comes and it's not the same any more since my wife of 29 years died 4 months ago

want some advice? move out.

Who cares? You have a mother and a sister. I assume you love them and they love you. That's what matters. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who act like cleanliness and neatness are the most GD important things in the world. I had a father and a sister like that. I grew up in a very neat clean home. Whoopdie-do. I'd rather have some mess and not be nagged.

I am sorry about your situation. You have a good sense of what is fair. What is wrong with your mom? You are right that it isn't her place to clean up after your sister. As far as stuff on the floor and dresser: you can buy stackable plastic cutsie containers for your things and stack the littlest on top, then throw a cute blanket or sash over the boxes. Put the most used items in the smaller boxes on top. Less used in bigger boxes on the bottom. I wouldn't tell you to sort your things out and see what you don't need, because that isn't fair either, with your sister having the bigger room. If you got along and had a talk with her, maybe she could split her closet with you. I am in Hungary as I write this, and I hope it helps.

Hi, you are cupcakecutiee, I am a cupcakeman.... so you should add me!!!!

mine is a long story too. I just say this. We call our Australian pup. <br />
An Aussie Shedder.. Breathe~~~~ oh sorry bout the doggy hair, water?

Cleaning the place up WILL make both of you feel better.

How about be happy you have your family around and your not alone somewhere. B/c loneliness sucks to. Just be happy go with the flow. And try not to care what other people think. If they do care i guess they are not true friends. And friends come and go but true friends and family are connected by spirit.

I'm sorry your having to deal with this and I'm sure its hard for your mom as well. Unfortunately with your mom's health problems I'm sure that she's not in a position to be of any help and can almost guarantee that she's going through a bit of depression. When things aren't right on the inside, it definitely reflects on the outside and its hard to function normally when your depressed. It sounds to me like your sister isn't just a pig but possibly a hoarder. You'll have to do your best to get through this part of your life. Keep an area clean for yourself so you can keep your sanity and take good care of your mom. One day you'll look back and realize that your a stronger person for enduring a bad situation.

So if you don't like the way your sister lives (it;s her house) Move!

I have a messybhome too Lol. with yes LoTs of Dog Toyz. LOTS! i live for thebK9unts everydaybfukn with my things.. Chewing on all my Teasures! I hate Dogz as of late. Hate them they sniff my privates as if they know me.. Then sitting beside me like good puppies telling stories with their eyes. Then their master comes and wants a closer look. **** THAT! ANY way I look at it I am moving so I refuse to clean one more time until I vacate. and then yeo thebland lord can kiss mynass and pick my hairballz out of the shower drain.. *****! I hate living in a messsy place but J sonstubborn that I only will clean my stuff.. I am moving as I said. Sionara!

i get soooo embaressed too, hence why my friends never come over, as much as i'd love to have sleepovers, and have the boyf round....the embaressment would be too much:(

I should have copied and pasted. I wasn't signed in and I lost my answer.<br />
I come from a long line of pack rats, but my house has no unneccessary stuff anywhere, not in the garage, not in the corner, not under the bed, not in the closets. The thing to realize is that thing that you might need some day, you will never find it amidst all that "STUFF"! So take a look at what you have and be honest with yourself about what you really use on a frequent basis, and a few things that mean a lot to you sentimentally, like something that belonged to your grandmother, and then get rid of all that other stuff. It has been proven that a cluttered house causes stress and confusion. You can't take it with you and when you are gone, somebody is going to either sell it or throw it all away. So take it to good will, give it to somebody who really needs it, or if you just can't, then move it all into a storage until you realize you don't need it and don't miss it. If you need help, message me.

You don't say how old you and your sister are, but if she can afford to buy as much as you say (pets, pet supplies, other "junk"), perhaps the best thing for all three of you is to get her to move out into her own place! There's no way my parents would've allowed that non-sense!

Consider asking your mom if you could rehome the pets, if she is not taking care of them properly. Honestly, it is best for the pets to live in an environment that is cleaner, with less stress. Animals can sense stress, and it can make them uneasy as yelling does to a small child. <br />
<br />
Does she pile and pile up things like a hoarder? Hoarders buy things that they think that they have a need for, such as excess clothes or even animals. It stems from the psychological need to fill a hole in your life, whether you felt unloved by parents growing up or had a partner leave you, maybe a close friend died. It's a problem that, like any other medical condition, needs to be treated by a professional.<br />
<br />
And then there is laziness, and if laziness is the case, it may be best for you to save up some money soon and move out, or else get your sister in line! If your mother can't convince her (I don't mean yell at- anger is an animal instinct that rarely gets anything done) to get off her butt and clean, then for your own sanity, maybe you should move out. The sister needs privileges taken away, such as phone and computer time, tv. Or else, the cats go to new homes. Enrolling her in some afterschool programs may help too, to keep her busy and more compliant.<br />
<br />
Is there another adult in the family who can help you out with her? She is clearly taking advantage of there being no "strong" adult figure to tell her not to just relax and enjoy herself at other people's expense. Tell your school or college (every one has one) counselor and work out solutions with them as well- it's not taboo to get life advice from someone whose job it is to help you out!

Hi.. painting your rooms will be a good option because this way you all will actually get to see that how many things you own which you do not actually need! You can throw away all unnecessary things, sort and arrange the important stuff and have a cleaner place. You can have a sack or something stored at some secret place and whatever your sis throws, you can just keep it in that bag and lie to her saying you threw that stuff.. hope if you go on doing this, she'll be scared one day and learn to keep her stuff properly... Don't worry.. I know you can do it :-)

You said you mom has health problems, it could be due to the cats and dogs. If your sister isn't taking care to clean up after them, for the health of everyone concerned it's time for the pets to go. ( to a good home) It sounds like you sister can't help herself getting junk she doesn't need. That could be a mental issue that needs to me addressed right away. You mention that your room is messy, how about your mom's? If it is messy maybe she hasn't set the kind of example you need. So roll up you sleeves, get out the trash bags and start getting things cleaned up. If sis or mom dosen't like it, tell them the next step is the health department and don't just use is as a threat, do it. If you didn't care you would have already went to live some place else. There are organizers for small places that will help you keep your room tidy and still have your things.

well may be one you'll be able to leave<br />
as far as mom & her health<br />
that is so not a healthy environment for her to be in at all<br />
am sorry but sis & the dogs <br />
farewell wishing you n dogs nothing but happiness<br />
mother needs to be in clean healthy environment<br />

Oh, I can really sympathize with you. I have a similar problem. I live with (and take care of) my grandmother and she is a hoarder and my brother and mom who also reside in the house are just plain lazy slobs. My family is in denial that there is a problem. I have been trying to get the family to help me clean for YEARS and so far nothing has worked. It sucks because I don't make enough to live on my own and I live in a college town where rent is very high. Anyway, sorry to rant about my personal story, I just wanted to tell you that I feel the same way you do. I hate bringing anyone over to my house, it's humiliating. I always try to go to friends houses or meet at a public place. I don't have much advice for you except stay strong, realize that this is not your fault and that one day you will have your own place. Hang in there. *Hugs*

get your sister to watch "hoarders" that should turn her around.

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By any chance are you a capricorn? I find some people have a much lower tolerance for a messy or cluttered living area than others. Some people seem to thrive and surround themselves with disarray and clutter, while others have a compulsive need to always tidy up and have everything in it's place. Well just think maybe someday you will have your own place and have more freedom to keep it the way you like. I'm a capricorn and basically am always tidying up and cleaning up after everyone else.

AGH!! i live in a mess too! and all of it is my doing!"!!

There are several comments here about what you should do. Further to my previous comment in November, just always bear in mind.....<br />
<br />
always act out of love and compassion..... Always stop and think ....what is the loving to do? <br />
<br />
At the same time , you must be good to yourself and look after yourself, your health, hygiene and interests. I feel, from thousands of miles away in the UK that you are going to be OK, my angel. And you will be an amazing role model for your own future children and those around you. <br />
<br />
My family have actually laughed at me on occasion for cleaning my toilets daily and removing the dust in the house. Now they come back from people's houses and say 'Mum , their toilets were filthy ..their house was grubby.''They start to notice and appreciate. And your family will also. <br />
<br />
Good acts always triumph over bad in the end . Keep to your principles . You WILL get there with them ....eventually.

Can't you move out? If you can't, talk to your sister, and if she doesn't listen, place all the trash outside of or in her room. Then move out.

It appears that Americans are more obsessed with pets that human beings. they must be taught to respect human beings and not pets. pets are for our enjoyment and not for loving them. pets get violent at times and attack humans. pets have no sense of decency. it is high times people knew about pets.

I hope you don't have any pets with a mindset like that- i feel sorry for them if you do- MEANIE!

I can kind of relate to your situation. I have two seven year old twin brothers that I am currently (not for long) sharing a room with. Boys will be boys and i find myself cleaning up after them alot. Maybe you could talk to your sister and see if she would give away one of her pets to a friend (where she can still visit it). Pets are lots of fun, but your health is more important. Her animals don't have to have toys or treats if they have eachother so she could throw those out to.

the living conditions can cause depression

the living conditions can cause depression

There is good and bad news. The good news is there is help out there. The bad news is she is a compulsive hoarder and compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. More than 3 million people are compulsive hoarders. She can get help from someone who is a licensed professional consular and in home therapist. She will also benefit from someone who specializes in obsessive compulsive behaviors and some who specializes in organization therapy as well. This is a serious problem. Watch the show “Hoarders” at YouTube or on TV or Netflix...and see how much of it resembles your sisters behavior.

There is good and bad news. The good news is there is help out there. The bad news is she is a compulsive hoarder and compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. More than 3 million people are compulsive hoarders. She can get help from someone who is a licensed professional consular and in home therapist. She will also benefit from someone who specializes in obsessive compulsive behaviors and some who specializes in organization therapy as well. This is a serious problem. Watch the show “Hoarders” at YouTube or on TV or Netflix...and see how much of it resembles your sisters behavior.

If I were in your situation I would warn my sister that if she didn't start picking her stuff up I was going to trash it. Not just put it in her room but trash it and put it out for the trash pickup. <br />
That will teach her to pick up her stuff. <br />
I am an animal lover but I take care of my animals. I do not expect someone else to do it. <br />
So for that problem if she didn't start cleaning up after her animals and vacuming up their hair I would tell her they were going to the animal shelter...(no kill shelter, tho, please) and would do it. <br />
You should NOT have to be cleaning up after someone else's pets. The pets themselves would be better off in another home where the people care to keep the place clean and the animals clean and picked up after. Animals need a clean environment, too. <br />
And besides it's just downright nasty for you and your mom to have to live where the animals are not cleaned up after. <br />
If your mom has health problems she does not need to be where the animals are not cleaned up after. <br />
Another thing you can do is buy paper plates, cups and plastic silverware if you can afford it. That might cut down on dirty dishes, but it won't help with pots and pans...you'll still have to wash those, but you could get the disposable and use them sometimes like when you're working and don't want to come home to a sinkfull of dirty dishes all the time. Also get some special glasses for each of you and use that glass all day instead of getting a clean one everytime. Just rinse it out good and set it over on the counter on a napkin and use it the next time instead of getting a clean each time you need a glass or cup. At the end of the day wash it or put them in the dishwasher if you have one. <br />
And throw stuff away. If you haven't used it in 6 months you're not likely to....pitch it. Get rid of the junk. De-clutter. <br />
Another thing you could assign chores....if you can get your sister to cooperate maybe you could divide chores up and keep things picked up that way. She should do her room and maybe the living room and you do your room and the kitchen. Share the bathrooms, each do their own laundry....DON"T do hers at all. <br />
Of course with your mother's bad health you're each going to have to take on her share, like her laundry, and her room and changing the bedsheets weekly. <br />
Get a calendar......and put weekly chores on it....like bedsheets changed on Fridays. laundry on Saturday, vacumming on wednesday and write your chores in blue and hers in red...maybe assign the vacuming to her and the dusting to you, dishes and bathrooms should be daily so you do one and let her do one............it helps to just do it weekly if you can't get it all done in one day. <br />
That's all I have to offer...maybe you can take a few of the hints we've all given and slowly add a few each week to get the chores done. <br />
But tell your sister if she pitches in and starts helping to keep the place clean and picked up you won't trash her stuff or take the animals to the shelter....if she helps she can keep her stuff and the animals. But something has to change...and follow thru with it.

I see on your profile your age range 18-21, so take heart. Unlike myself your situation is temporary. You WILL have your own place and you will be able to keep it as you like it. Just be sure in the future whoever you marry is a neat and clean person or you will find yourself again a slave in your home.

Do you think your sister has a hoarding problem? Sounds like she's on the boarder line of hoarding. Particularly with animals and the animal toys. She may not realize that what she's doing is disturbing the household and may not realize she has a problem. Most hoarders have what is referred to as "clutter blindness" meaning that they actually don't physically SEE the clutter or mess - their brains don't process it as a mess or clutter at all, their brains do process it as a normal environment, that there is nothing wrong with it and that in itself is the biggest part of the hoarding disease that afflicts more people than we all realize.<br />
<br />
My dad was a hoarder, is a hoarder. Hoarding is also a sub-diagnosis of OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. Or rather - it's co-morbid. Meaning it goes hand in hand with OCD - most OCD patients are some type of hoarder.

I know you have gotten alot of ideas here, my wife and I have been married for 19 years and she is very lovely wife that is very caring and fun. But she is a slob! She comes from a home that both her parents are pack rats. I come from a home of two neat freaks, mix those two and you got a perfect recipe for a disaster. Well after 19 years of putting up with the messes. I just started throwing crap out the door! I even went as far as tossing the living room furniture out the door. It has been three weeks and almost half the house is neat and clean, and I am not going to stop! So I would just start with your room, and toss everything that is not nailed down. Think of it as a new start, If you need to think about whether you should keep, toss it! Those things you do need to keep, you wont think about, you just keep it. But if you have to stop and think of keeping it, then you can live with out it! Once your room is clean and you can lay on the floor with out touching anything, your mother will demand that it get done to the rest of the house. Not only will help you by having a clean room and less stuff, a clean room CAN improve a persons health.

If you have a place to put a table then get one an put a floor length table cloth over it and you will have an instant place to hide stuff (also under the bed if that isn't already full. If you have no proper place to put things there isn't much you can do about that. But you can try to make places to hide stuff for when friends come over. Like make the space between the couch and the wall just a little bigger and instant hiding place.

I want to give tips that would help, me and my husband have lived very messy a long time and are getting a lot cleaner over time so i want to share what has helped us that could help you.<br />
<br />
1. "she buys dog toys and dog treats and just leaves everything where ever." ***Storage bins and organizing shelving is awesome. You know kids have toy boxes, right? Get one for your dog. If you are super poor, you will have to use cardboard boxes but you can wrap the outside in wrapping paper. Otherwise, buy something better. The dog treats you could put on top of the fridge, in a cabinet...or even in the dog toy box if it has a lid where the dog can't get to it unless you take it out.<br />
<br />
2. "she has a few long haired cats" (I have 2 maine coon cats myself) and they get hairballs a lot and my mom has to yell at her just to get her to clean it up." ***Cleaning up hairballs/vomit is easy. You will need the following things: either paper towels or a disposable rag, rubber cleaning gloves(if you are like me and fear getting it on your hands), and a carpet cleaner that says it cleans up pet stains on the bottle. First, use a paper towel or napkin to pick up the worst and ball it up and throw it away. Then follow the directions on the cleaning bottle, and clean the stain up with a rag if you can(paper towel tends to disintegrate, but, you could double it over a lot). If she can understand it is easy and not messy or gross if she does it this way(especially don't breathe and try not to look at it as you pick up the worst of it), she will not mind cleaning it up.<br />
<br />
3. "she has a bigger room than me with a closet twice my size plus some in order to store the pet stuff but she just doesnt get off her @ss and do it." ***You need to have her see it is easy but also fast, doing it fast will make it less annoying. Maybe she needs some coffee to get moving.<br />
<br />
4. "....fleece tie blankets for everyone around christmas but it was onsale and she went overboard...." ***Get storage containers/bins/boxes, you can even get like a trunk or something and use it as a table to save space. If you can get a storage container that doubles as furniture it is even better :)<br />
<br />
5. "she piles up the couch throws wrappers on the floor" ***put a small trash can next to the couch(one with a lid would look better), so it will be easier for her to throw things away and she will have no excuse. If the couch has only her stuff on it just pick it up and throw it in her room. <br />
<br />
6. "she never helps with laundry or dishes and im sure my mom would help more if she could but she has health problems" ***have your mom tell your sister to help with chores, or you will have to evict her, or make her pay more on bills. As someone who has always rented, maintenance coming over really makes you clean up. Other options would be to only use paper/plastic dishes and utensils and foil for her to eat on(can get expensive though) so there are no dishes, you just throw it away. Do NOT do her chores for her, if she will not do her laundry, then quarantine all her laundry in her room--it stays in her room and only her room and no where else until she cleans it. Put it in her room in a pile. You could put her dirty dishes in her room too, but I think there are a lot of other things to try before resorting to that. Once again, don't wash her clothes for her no matter what.

print some photos of the bugs that live in carpets ..dust mites etc they may realize that mess is not only comsetical but can also be dangerous to your health.....asthma and so on.....<br />
if that does not help i think nothing will.......good on you for trying to be clean..cleanliness is next to godliness:)

The only reason our house stayed semi clean growing up was my dad wouldn't have it be full out nasty. I hated having friends over because my mom never took pride in our house and never bought new things. My parents divorced when I was 14 and my mom, sister and I moved. It got out of hand after that. My mom felt like she should relive her youth. She was gone a lot and my sister was a handful. I once cleaned our whole apartment head to toe for a sleep over and as we were eating our pizza and watching a scary movie a cockroach crawled across the tv screen. All the girls screamed. They wouldn't sleep at all because they were scared the cockroaches would get in their hair. When I was 18 I moved out. I hated living with my mom and sister. My relationship got better with my mom after that. I would visit my mom once a week. I would stay over Wednesday and Thursday. I would clean her house on Wednesday and her and I would cook a big meal for the family on Thursday. Sometimes I would clean my sisters room but not often. Once she had threw up in the middle of her bedroom floor and put a suit case over it. It took me forever to get it out of the carpet. Once while helping my mom move, I found an orange behind her couch...that's what I assume it was...I really don't know..it was almost completely black...I kicked it out of my way...It denigrated and went up in a powdery dust. So gross. I never visit my mom at all. She waits outside her house. I pick her up and bring her to my house for like three or four days at a time. When I go to my sisters..who has two small kids. Its so nasty I rarely sit down. The last time I was there. And this is no exaggeration. There were over thirty cans of Dr. Pepper sitting around. There was trash and crumbs everywhere. I sat down for a moment to hold her son and when I left. My son who is ten looked at me and said. " I can't believe you sat down in there."<br />
<br />
So I feel your pain. I hope you can move out.

An individual's personal surroundings is a reflection of their mental & emotional state. Some people are just very sloppy, don't care, (or sometimes just untrained). Sometimes all three. Others are obsessively clean freaks. Both extremes reveal emotional issues. A balanced view is to be preferred: very willing to work to maintain cleanliness & order, but will tolerate & allow disorder for a time, with a good reason.<br />
<br />
In today's world, an increasingly large percentage of people suffer from mental & emotional problems. Poor diet & Toxicity are powerful factors.<br />
One major & very common disorder is Chronic Anxiety which creates a large number of problems including Depression (just doesn't care about things or life in general). Anxiety makes some people procrastinate with decisions (what to throw away, what to keep, where to put it) because making a decision raises the uncomfortable Anxiety. It's easier to just avoid things.<br />
In extreme cases, this becomes Hoarding. The TV series "Hoarders" exploits these people for entertainment & profit but does not provide many answers or effective help.<br />
<br />
Pyroluria is the number one unrecognized, undiagnosed but very real cause of Chronic Anxiety, even more than low Thyroid.<br />
It is "medically unrecognized" because it is connected to way too many profitable diseases including Panic, Phobias, OCD, Alcoholism, Sex addiction, Bipolar, & Acid reflux. Suggest all should carefully research this very important & very common metabolic disorder.<br />
<br />
Mainstream Medicine ignores it for busine$$ reasons. They also do not want an inexpensive cure for Cancer or to admit that there may be a link between vaccinations & Autism. Both have the potential to ruin them. <br />
Alternative Health people think Pyroluria is genetic. I am convinced that it is a diet initiated, multi-resistant infection, probably a fungus, similar to Candida. Sugar & large doses of Antibiotics seem to make it worse. <br />
<br />
Three unmistakable symptoms of Pyroluria are general Anxiety, lines on the fingernails, & crowded teeth. There are many more. Since Pyroluria can be quickly interrupted & slowly reversed with a particular diet, this strongly indicates that it can't possibly be genetic. <br />
Check your sister for symptoms. It might be part of her problem.

very good answer, michaeloff!

I will look this up now. Pryoluia.(spell practice for me)
In my case my bio dad was far older than my mom. He taught her to C L E A N.
I remember so well how constantly they loudly berated the state of my room. I was almost 3. To me they may have just as well told me to bake a turkey. I was not invested in my stuff as much as they I suppose. When my mom told me from that day (whatever it was) all that was not cleaned up and put away would be given away. From then on this has become my favorite solution. The only problem is that it seems to work best for me and not so much others (my son especially) that of course is such another even longer story. Thank you for the info tho' True8

Well young man, I commend you for desiring a better living space and you deserve to have it. Print off these messages. Remind your love ones that we don't know them so their integrity has not been compromised BUT it may wake them up to know that their lack of respect for your family space shows a lack of respect for the members of your family too. Have a family meeting. Could you make a project of painting a room so that all the mess must be sorted through and organized? I just did that in my daughter's room. She took new pride in her space. Can you afford a cleaning lady once a month? I used to have one and we'd all pick up so she could clean. Could you get a cleaning lady as a gift for your sick mom or suggest it to an aunt or uncle? Sometimes moms feel completely overwhelmed like you are feeling and a helping hand that is not emotionally connected to your space can do wonders. Good luck. You are a brave and wonderful young man. Remember that above all else.

Hi.. painting your rooms will be a good option because this way you all will actually get to see that how many things you own which you do not actually need! You can throw away all unnecessary things, sort and arrange the important stuff and have a cleaner place. You can have a sack or something stored at some secret place and whatever your sis throws, you can just keep it in that bag and lie to her saying you threw that stuff.. hope if you go on doing this, she'll be scared one day and learn to keep her stuff properly... Don't worry.. I know you can do it :-)

I don't think it's a male, considering the screen name. Hahaha.

I have a husband who was like that, believe me the whole throw it away if you clean it up thing works great. And I don't just mean off of the floor: table, couch, counter, etc. I'm not the cleanest person in the world, but there is no excuse for pure lazyness or using someone as a slave.

I'm sorry, I grew up in a horribly messy home too. Take a look at Flylady.net - It's a great , FREE, system that helps you set up systems for housework - I've found it very helpful. Hopefully you can influence your sister and mother to join in!

Well, I clean all the time. My wife does nothing, so I let her know. That any thing of hers, she leave out of the two rooms she has, I will class as trash. She got mad at me at first, but now. I just toss the things in her rooms and do not care. Cats a fur balls, drop the cats a bit of cheese. That will help with that, it does work. If she drops rubbish on the floor, its hers so it goes in her room. I know, its will be hard work for you, but it will get the message a cross to her. Ho and shelving helps to put things on. It you have a lot of them, going down. You can put up a curtain to hide them, from friends coming in. It will keep them off the floor and a low one is good for shoes. They have small draws how that fit under the bed. I hope this is helpful to you

There is a place that would suit your sister's residential needs. It's called a Trailer Park.

I agree with the other posters; living in a trailer park does NOT mean that you're a messy, dirty or sloppy person.

I think that steryotypes are bad and that it is bad enough having to live in a mobile home without the added comments that are simply not true of most who live in said homes!

From a mother's perspective (mine)....I would approach one of two ways - you can either say, if you leave your stuff lying around Im going to pick it up and bin it. That way you are giving her a choice. But the important bit to remember is you have to follow through if she doesnt pick up!!!. Secondly pick it up, open her door and throw it in her room and keep doing it until she gets so fed up or there's no room left in her space (whichever comes sooner) that she cleans up. Her room can be the biggest mess but it shouldnt leak into the rest of the house. Whatever you do stay firm!!

I am sorry you live in this mess but glad that you recognise the mess for what it is . This is a great sign for your future . well done . <br />
<br />
I got my family to start tidying and cleaning with talk about germs, infection , bacteria and mice , rats, SMELLS . It scared them a bit about all the possible health risks in a dirty house, dirty kitchen , dirty toilets . e coli, salmonella , strep throat ... tell them their things smell . People hate to smell, no matter what they say . <br />
<br />
Cleaning wise, I only do toilets everyday and then one room a day . skirting boards , window ledges , hoover dust ..... and it only takes me about 20 mins a day . Just do one room a day . <br />
<br />
BUT .........<br />
, <br />
THROW THROW THROW away , as it happens newspapers ....cartons , labels ..envelopes .just - throw . It s a brilliant feeling to unload . <br />
<br />
When you get a home of your own it will be so beautiful and clean and lovely ; I really feel that for you. They are very blessed to have you in that house .

THIS is some of the Best advice you will ever get. Please read it carefully. However I suspect that you already have most of it figured out. Next. The mess is NOT your fault !! It is your moms. She is the mom and responsible for what goes on in the hiuse.

I lived in a pigsty fora while too ( of my own making) and i think one of the biggest things that helped me was "throw as you go", and as the person above me said, clean one room a day.