Holding Me Back.

I think it holds me back the most. I've always lived like this, always crazy, everything's always lost, can't have people over. I don't even notice it unless someone's over. It's embarrassing and I've never really been taught to do anything about it. It's going to take SO much effort to just get all my **** together and organized and to KEEP it like that for once. I'm always coming apart at the seams and this is a big reason why. I want to change it, but I just...don't have the motivation. It helps a little to know other people live like this, though.
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2011

I feel sorry for you living in a home thats cluttered but you can do something about your room.<br />
It's Choice.... if you don't like it and not happy and want to be proud to have friends over then only you can do something about it. Maybe a good friend could help you and you just say to yourself today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to clear and clean out my room and have a bag for keepinga bag for charity and a bag for throwing away. If you haven't used it in the past 2 years chances are you will never use it again. Doing this will make you feel lighter and one day when you married and have children your own home won't look like this because of the decision you made today. We all Imagine you and a couple of your friends in your room and you can actually see the floor and everything is in its place. WHAT A PLEASURE!!!!!!!!! good luck and have a great day

I love your house, to be honest. It seems home-like, and very unboring. ^_^ But in all seriousness, you'll be out of there before you know it. The first semester of our freshman year is almost over...it feels like it has been only a few weeks to me. ;o

hope your not a horder

Personally, I'm not, but I'm 14 and live with my parents. So I can't do much about them, and I REFUSE to be their maid. I love them, but this is just something I've had to deal with my whole life.