Not Too Messy, But Not Too Clean.

My family's house isn't a total mess, wouldn't be considered a hoarders home, but it is on the messy side. If I was in control of the way my house looked, it'd be very neat and tidy, the opposite of now.
My room is very organized and clean. I'm a big cleaner due to my fear of bugs/bacteria/etc. It's a fear I just developped over the past few weeks, and I don't even know why I developped it! So basically I try to keep my room as clean as possible. It's the way I like it! But with two younger siblings, it's hard to keep a house clean. They leave their toys everywhere, their messes left and dirty dishes behind, it's so annoying!
There's a lot of clutter around the house, and it just doesn't look organized. But someday, I'm gonna grab my useful bottle of Windex, Swiffer and plenty of paper towel and clean. Not because it's my duty, or because I have to. I'm doing it to make me feel somewhat more secure knowing my fears don't live in my living quarters.
But maybe I'll leave out my siblings room's, they can clean those themselves.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

wow theres something you dont see everyday a teen who cleans!