Phone Chat While Cleaning?

Hi I'll be succinct. Looking for people in North America who like me have many hours of cleaning to do. I have an unlimited North American plan (I live in Canada) and am both chatty and a great listener. If anyone wants to talk I can call you or you can call me - doesn't matter.
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41-45, F
2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

interesting proposal. Better than crank calling people all over the country

Ha,ha yeah never been one to do crank calls. There's this one lady on YouTube - Jill Strif who does that for laughs. Really ****** me off that she does that to people especially the elderly. I find I'm better able to focus on the cleaning if I talk to someone. So what's going on with you?

you inspired me to clean, but no phone required.

Oh okay I understand.

im off to vegas for a week next thursday but i would love to exchange numbers and chat ,i live alone and im up all night-------i also have a plan,i dont pay long distance-----please feel free to contact tyty-------sandy-------