I've lived many places in my life, cold places, remote places, big cities, small towns and I found a reason to like them all. That was before I met my match in small town Northern CA. For about 5 months year it is too hot to get outside. 100 degrees for weeks on end when people pay 500 a month on utilities alone. Housing is cheap compared to the rest of the California but you make up for it in utility costs. The unemployment rate is near 13 percent. I came here to retire and because of cheap housing at the recommendation of friends who grew up in the area.

It turns out there is nothing to do but go to a small shopping center with a few struggling stores. When its not to hot to get outdoors, locals that are in the know are shocked if a female goes anywhere by herself. The 5th most dangerous city in the US for women, with a sex offender per capita ratio at least 3 times higher then most other areas . I feel like I'm in jail. When it is not to hot to get out, its too dangerous. The city fathers that agreed to make this the sex offender dump pimped out the women here. They did it to make a buck
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Aug 23, 2014