Rare Encounter, Especially In The Daytime

I've seen small burrowing owls in one of the natural reserves downtown Denver but they are small and hop more than fly since they live underground where prairie dogs leave their tunnels.

The only other owl I've seen in the few years I've lived in Colorado is a Great Horned Owl.
I was taking pictures of more common birds near a pond and hear a commotion, some noisy cawing and I headed towards the sounds.
I barely had the time to see this guy swooping over my head and landing on a branch just above me. it was being chased by a couple of crows and it could have been that it was hanging a little too close to their nest. 
Once the owl landed, the crows kept surrounding it and went on with the threatening calls. From what I was seeing, it could not have cared less.

KnottyG KnottyG
41-45, M
Aug 12, 2010