That's Where I Live

And i live there because, no onecan hurt me, but me.  I have tried to committ suicide, and I have accepted me for me.  I live a normal and sometimes crazy life style, but don't we all?  I have alot of friends, and I am admired by alot that I do for the community in which I live in, I help friends in dire need of money, because they are out of work, and I find them jobs.  If they are hungry, I see that they get a meal.  If there children, need clothes, or something for Christmas, I get it for them.  And if, they need a place to unwind, I have a place for them to go, either my home here or one that is just a few miles from where I am now, Or I can put them up into a motel.  I have been BLESSED By God.  You would think that just because I am on here I cannot enjoy, myself with my privacy, well I do, and what I do is my BUSINESS, God knows my true but LOVING Heart.  I give what I can. And God, Blesses me.  I am like no other, and you cannot find me unless you ask.  I can be invisable, at times , and reappear when you least expect it.  I maybe even behind you and you would n't know it?  I might be your worker, your boss, your neighbor, or the person across the street.  I might be the cop on the beat, or the fireman, that's there to put your house that has just caught fire, and I might be the one who saves your Life.  But the one thing I want do is let you down.;)

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 22, 2010