I Love Romance

I love romance.....When I was a young silly girl...I knew nothing of romance...All I knew then was is a guy was poking you...Then well at least for three min. you were not alone.....


But as I grew up....I learned what love was really all about...And I started to crave romance....ANd that is where I am right now....


I have been married for almost 30 years....ANd I need some romance in my life....Not each and every day.....But every once in a while...And when it is not expected.....I mean it is easy to givre a little romance on Feb. 15.....You are surrounded by it....But is is a bit harder tpo think about romance on June 29.....that day is not special,....so the guy has to think about that one...

Yea....Sive me a sun flower that you picked along side the road on June 29th.....I think that is says lots more than a dozen on Feb. 14.....and cheeper to...hehehehe   Which is not such a bad thing during these times...hehehehe

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wow that's a cool idea mirror your so romantic my dear friend ;O) i shall try it ..

She seems to be like I was once....Not worthy of a good man...And the only way to deal with it...It is be used and degraded....<br />
<br />
Not saying that you would do that....But her wanting the crudness....That is a form of self degrdation...At least that is what it seems to me......And Like I said....I lived that...<br />
<br />
I do feel for you...For when someone refuses love.....they are unable to love themselves.....and can not accept it....<br />
<br />
Keep at it.....A little note here...and there....<br />
<br />
Try this....After you get out of a very steamy shower.....Write a note on the mirror.....and then blow dry it away....When she takes one....The not will reappear.... Like magic....<br />
<br />
Keep doing it...and after a time...she will understand that she is loved....and that she is allowed to love.....<br />
<br />
It took me a long time.....Like over 15 years....But I did get there

You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. I wish I had a wife who liked romance. For the first five or six years of our marriage I really tried hard to be romantic. She thinks jewelry is a waste of money. Flowers are silly and embarrassing. You can forget candlelight and kissing. For her a fun evening at home is snoring in front of a dvd and she hates going out.<br />
<br />
On June first I asked her for a divorce – she went ballistic and threatened suicide. I was convinced she was as tired of me, as I am of her – she claims not. Even before the threats I had decided I was going to honor my marriage vows if she still wanted me to.<br />
Since I came out of the closet on wanting the divorce, I haven't told her once that I love her. She hasn't noticed. It's been ten months. We no longer "make love". We do have sex and when I initiate it, I simply state I want it (using crude terms) and she complies. She really seems to get off on it.

Thank you.....I find that if I try and write something never comes....So I to just open up my heart.....and close my mind....And that is when the best flows through my fingers.....and out into the EP world....A place that we all call home.

As the rivers run to the ocean.We are all each others source.<br />
And I enjoy to read your thoughts,lov the way you say hehehe,makes my heart laugh.Can almost hear you now...<br />
You are such a sweet soul ,when I read your answer.I read your profile ..I knew I found someone true..<br />
And to connect and share is what I long to do..<br />
We may not pass our thoughts words each day,then more will flow another day..peace to you dear friend...

Hmmmm....I am starting to think that I should have listed you as a guru....and not just a friend......For I love the way that you talk my friend

Your words flow as the rivers.Not every heart can..Takes a gift of free unfolding not many can let go..<br />
When young would run like the wind my horse's hooves would hit the ground..<br />
Free I was in my spirit,,being lifted high on life!Ye"off the ground..<br />
Ride bare back :feel the sweat of my horses labor, our hours spent would take back in time from wince I once roamed:as my skin sun burned a lifetime ago.<br />
Can close my eyes now and lift my soul...<br />
In my mind lives many powerful doors I open when I want to go..

Oh....I know that it is b ecause life has gotten in the way.....We have had the romance before....and when the time is right we will have it once more.......The love..it isstill there....But it is just banked at the moment.....You know like you do a camp fire......When it is not needed at the moment you cover the embers with ash....To keep them going...Until the time is right to use them once more......Well that is like us...We are just looking for the right time to stoke those embers.....It is just getting hard to stoke them....hehehehe But I would love to try for a nice long week end....hehehehehe

Been blessed with love,many years 10-20 maybe more.(no one ever tells true a age)We were together a life time ago,knew it the first time we met we "melted like the snow" on the streams.<br />
Young in love together old in love ,death do as part..the fire still burns..<br />
You live in the light,the darkness will never take..you..<br />
The earth will provide for her own,you can find gift's of the earth all these things are free...Peace to you Friend we all one spirit...

Yes......But I guess I will just have to keep trying......Or just write my own......You should read some of my stories in I have a fantacy.....Ones like Snow and a Hot tub.....Now that is romance....and hot sex at the same time.....hehehehehe

So have you tried to be romantic with him? Sometimes I need a little spark to rekindle my imagination - just a suggestion. :)

Does a woman have to be content living in a romance-less marriage? I believe not. Can a woman be romantic and create a environment where romance abounds? I believe a resounding, yes. Take charge of your life and find the special things you enjoy to create romance and implement them, and maybe, just maybe the husband will catch the spark.

singer~ Know where your at all too well. After my wife stayed at home while I worked constantly, all I ever wanted was to be greeted at the door, when i got home, with a huge kiss, a loving caress, and have her jump up and wrap her legs around my waist and show me attention. I guess that was too much to ask. I couldn't do enough to please her. She stopped giving her 100% to me, and eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I am getting divorced, after 16 years. I wasted enough of my young life, but I refuse to live without romance. I am a simple man, but there are some things I need, and life is too short to not be loved every day! I wish you the best!

Well it is not that he is a realist....And before he was very romantic.....But life got in the way....And it seems as if I more of a buddy to him.....Than a woman......that needs a bit of special attention now and then......

You should be married to my husband - he's the romantic and I am the realist... lol We always seem to attract our opposite...