Frequency And Variety

I think we have sex more often than most of our friends who are in stable relationships. We also have a wide variety of sex. We have long, lingering romantic sex; Intense physical, ****** filled love making that can last all morning; and quickies of all kinds in all kinds of places.
I am grateful that my husband has a high sex drive and doesn't hesitate to initiate sex where ever and whenever he feels the need. Lately he has been interested in having sex in the car. Sometimes, while he is driving, he reachs out to put his hand on my breast or between my legs. A few times while driving at night, he has unzipped himself and asked for my hand or my mouth. I love his sense of adventure.
CarolH66 CarolH66
36-40, F
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

If you do it right, it is possible for married sex to be absolutely scorching. The key is to keep pushing boundaries and to keep changing things up. If you do that, the frequency issue takes care of itself. Thanks for sharing a window into your world.

You are so lucky to both think that way...sounds like a wonderful life you have together