new Live In A Sexful Marriage

i  live in my sister's house .her husband has bad thinking in his mind.he want's me .but i have no interest in him nor i can think about him for even once .i have more friend in my circle. i am a teacher in collage .i have parties in week ends .old students visits offer .i enjoy them with playing games drinkings and some times fun also.with my best friends.(monthly 2 -3 times) with best friends  only and some times with pay friends . that's i live in sex full life day new student hire me .i was very happy for him .he was new for it .i enjoyed him with his little 
bujjikala bujjikala
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his little what, **** meat

Would love to be added! PLEASE

add me


lucky teacher

Would love to be added by you.

hai Indian engineer boy here for romance and if interested feel to reply back to me bujichinnira at gmai

how much your friend pay you for sex?

you seem to have a lot of fun!


Do you have a LOT of sex with men other than your husband?

you are feeling jalice

Not at all!
But I would like to see you!

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please add me

wow... do finish

could you finish this please

you sound like a lot of fun!

do u intercourse with ur best friends...

yes he asks me offely if i refuse he will be angry .he pays me for it very much than others

let her take the money!
we all pay in one way or another!


he pay fr s e x


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