Married But Very Lonely

Well, my story is perhaps very similar to others in this category,however I have been married for over 20 years and about 12 years ago our relationship has hit the rocks....................................Physically !!
we talk ( some) we have different tastes in music, movies etc.
We have not hugged, kissed or had any sexual intimacy since way back then.
I work pretty hard as my wife does and when we get home we tend to be busy doin other stuff ie the computer. She spends quite a lot of time on Facebook, I spend a lot of time looking for a penpal or someone to talk to. Hence I am quite lonely too.

I have tried to talk to her but can be a bit dismissive of problem.
We have moved from our nearest City a couple of years ago to quite a rural village.
There is not much to do here at all !!
I met a Korean girl 25 in the City, a Tourist a while back. She was looking for directions and we ended up going for a Coffee and a walk around the city, we ended up kissing and fondling each was very very nice !!

Anyway, that's my story. If you would like to have a chat , I would like that.

Bye, Bye

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Sep 20, 2012