What's the Deal Or Is It Catch 22?

That's what I want but it seems I just can't hook up with a woman.  Maybe I'm just too old fashioned, not flirty enough, or maybe deep down don't really want an affair after all.  But.. it would be nice to find a nice attractive married woman looking for the same.  Any sites I go to always want you to sign up to view their web cams.  I understand the safety concerns, but I don't have the money or the time to be dealing with the games.

E-mail is my best mode to work at a connection but that doesn't seem to fly very well either.  It could be and age thing too.  I'm 50.  I'm not looking for a younger woman in really just a woman around my age to be friends and more.  

I guess perhaps I'm missing something here and destined to be stuck in this predicament. 

If I come across to laid back then I probably appear not interested.  If I come across too strong and inept then it seems the label dirty old man or pervert might be in play.  Sort of a catch 22.


sman015 sman015
Mar 27, 2009