My Wife's Sexual Appetite Is What's The Problem?

I have a rather unusual problem pleasing my wife, and it is definitely affecting our sex lives.  I’m not sure whether this is the most appropriate forum for this topic, but I am desperate and don’t know where else to post this. 


Anyway, when we first were married, simple intimacy, like the missionary position and some oral, were all that my wife needed to get off.  But as the years went by, she began telling me more and more that she was bored with sex.  Last year we started “experimenting” with food.  It was pretty harmless at first—things like passing a peeled grape or gooseberry between our mouths as we kissed.  Then it escalated to having me lap up the contents of a jar of mayonnaise spread across her breasts, or maybe a can of cheese whiz sprayed inside her.  I went along with all this because it seemed to make her hot and, frankly, I too found it stimulating—that is, provided I hadn’t eaten much beforehand.  But lately, things have been getting weird, and I’m concerned that I cannot please her.

For example, a week ago she wanted to try something new.  She explained that foods such as whip cream, yogurt, and sour cream, while still interesting to her, were kind of “old hat”, and she was now ready to “graduate to new terrain”, as she put it.  I didn’t think much more about it, but that night when we were in bed, I noticed her pushing a Polish sausage into her.   At first, I thought maybe that this was some new way for her to jack off, that was until she began pushing my head between her legs and moaning for me to eat.  I went ahead and did it, because I am frightened of losing her, though I must admit, I nearly gagged during the act.

However, last night’s escapades were too much.  I won’t go into too many details, but this time the foods in question turned out to be a raw chicken leg, a veal cutlet, and a salmon filet.  She ordered me to mash my face into her while pulling these meats from her vagina with my teeth, all the while make slurping and gulping noises.  I was disgusted.  But when I got about halfway through this “dinner”, I ended up puking all over her nether parts.  Needless to say, she was furious.   This was followed by a big argument, which ultimately ended with her telling me that she was going to look for a new lover if I could not “please her”.

I really don’t know what to do.  Has anyone else experienced this sort of situation, and if so, what did you do to get past it?

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Her use of raw food concerns me. (As you or her could get an infection. ie food poioning, at the very least. )
I think counselling is an excellent idea.
In the meantime have you tried some stimulating toys (from Ann Summer for example?) They make alsorts these days. I'm sure she'd find something that hits the spot.

I just think that you need to go on a diet for a while.. :) :D

I don't know if you are serious, but I'm afraid you probably are. I think it is about dominance...but if it's only about food and she is reasonable (which I doubt very much) you should be able to choose the food. It should appeal to you. There should be some sort of whipped cream and cherries.

leave that *****,she selfish i have that problem now a female that dont like to ****.thats what i have..i cant understand why im a half breed stallion wit a big ****.what more can a ***** ask for.good luck

Thanks everyone for your heartfelt advice and thoughts on my predicament. It actually helped me clarify my thinking, and as a result I had a long conversation with my wife, the main topic being of course, her recent strange behaviour in bed. We even plan on getting counseling soon.

Wow, the comment count just keeps on dwindling.

Remember the one about his getting a pig face operation? LOL

Maxpie...I would just say "Gross!!!" to that...but you could very possibly be right!

cant help but to ask ... are you serious? <br />
Then again...why would someone make something like this up? (sratching my head)

As others have said, it is abusive and you need to be assertive. Are you assertive in other areas of your relationship? Could it be that she's trying to force you to take control?<br />
<br />
You're going to have to take control of the situation. Soon, she could be expecting you to eat her freshly laid turd.

You need some ketchup.

Hi George, <br />
<br />
SerenityPrayer has the answer. It seems like your wife gets off on being Dominant and forcing you. Which of course is not good. I have a couple of suggestions for you. But before trying the below suggestions, you should CORRECT your wife and let her know, FIRMLY and ASSERTIVELY that what she did crossed your boundary of well being, and that in a marriage, you two should PROTECT each other's well being, not exploit it!!<br />
<br />
Her threats of going to look for a new lover if you can't do this stupid **** should be ridiculed by you, if you want to preserve your respect. Honestly, does the woman think she is going to EVEN FIND somebody who will tolerate this bullshit? NO WAY. ok? NO WAY.<br />
Do you still love her? Do you want to try a few last things before closing the curtain? Then you could...<br />
<br />
You could:<br />
1. Confirm she really IS just dominant and that it is NOT about the food. How? By leading her to prove her dominance through less-degrading, non-food related activities. <br />
Example: You:"I've been a naughty boy. Do I need spanking?"<br />
Wife: "Yes, you've been a naughty boy, and I'll SHOW you a spanking."<br />
<br />
If over a reasonably short amount of time, she prefers to be dominant rather than food-perverted, then you have found that it is not about the food in itself, and that's good because then you can take step 2: turn the tables ON HER and dominate the hell out of her, with fright. <br />
<br />
Other than that, you could try diverting her attention from the food by telling her "why don't we try this? or this?" and just distract her with other sexual options, like sex swings or vibrators or anal sex.<br />
<br />
Overall, it seems to me like your wife needs to be put in her place. Take back your role. Stand up, make HER work for you. You could do something to her that she hates so that she puts herself in your shoes.<br />
<br />
If all else fails, and you've already talked to her SERIOUSLY and FIRMLY and you have tried the suggestions above and other's suggestions, then you need to restore your sense of self and put through her head that you are to be RESPECTED and that sex and sexual activity are to be enjoyed, MUTUALLY in a way that is ok with both partners. <br />
<br />
If you fail to assert yourself, she will walk all over you like a rug and make your life a misery. Gather up all your strength and prepare for the moment of assertion.

Geez, I cant get a lick of sex my wife. I would be pretty upset if I had to share her with a turkey leg. She is being demeaning and you need to let her know that your not into that and if she does leave, maybe a blessing for you. Sorry, some of those food items were quite odd and gross. Kudos to you for having the courage to post your experiences.

If the OP is being spurious, then ta ta for now.<br />
<br />
If he isn't...I think u may need to look at your marriage head on, and realise that this behaviour is abusive, and I agree with serenityprayer...its degrading and abusive, and u need to ask yourself why your WIFE would get angry with her demands making you physically ill, rather than be concerned...she may threaten to move on, and personally, i'd let her! Otherwise, be prepared to carry on munching the raw stuff and being sick! Good luck!

I think that your wife gets off on the power and control aspect of making you eat these things, rather than the "food experimentation" in itself. This would explain why her requests have grown ever more humiliating and disgusting, to the point of making you vomit, and why she was furious rather than concerned or apologetic after her demands made you physically sick. Additionally, threatening to leave you if you don't meet her demands is abusive and controlling behavior.<br />
<br />
You need to decide whether YOU get off on being controlled and demeaned. Do you? Because it sounds like she gets off on controlling and demeaning you. If that is not a match, get away from this relationship and don't look back.

BBQ sauce is the answer... to almost any question.

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