Sex With My Husband

My husband initiated sex this morning - does this mean I have to leave the group?  First time in years!  It wasn't great, it wasn't good - but it was sex.  Maybe my burgeoning sexual awareness is creeping up on him?
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yeah well I wouldnt get too excited although I hope your situation is better than mine. My husband was nagged into giving in and then bam none again for a longggggggg time.

I'm not sure how to response. Congratulations?!

That was June and now it's Sept and that was the last time we did it! I think my hope were to high - or I didn't fan the flames of desire enough?

Nice surprise and now it is for time to tell. I don't think it will all come back at once. Can other lacking intimacies become restored too? It would have to be a gradual process, seemingly too slow at times, but it could all build to a huge breakthrough. Try to sustain; try to show him it still can be. There was a fire once. Add kindling now and hopefully a fire of an even more significant nature may return.

I always thought "bad sex" was an oxymoron, maybe you're the exception that proves the rule.

glad you got something!!! the worst sex I ever had was still fantastic... :)

Aren't they great.

Actually, you can stay forever! I think the only criteria is that you are having / have had the experience. Some of us are no longer in sexless marriages, but continue to post here. Many people comment that it is helpful to see the "other side" of the dilemma - that is, the ones who have left their SM and made new lives.<br />
<br />
Continue to post, to read and to benefit from this wonderful group of people for as long as you wish . . !

Thanks everyone.

It does seem like there is an epidemic of sexless marriages - or is it that we have found a place to vent, with like minded and sympathetic strangers. You don't really want to air your sexlessness with your friends and EP is a good forum. Also you do get some excellent advice from some of the contributors. Another way of looking at things, books to read etc.<br />
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Re the bad sex, well beggars can't be choosers, but this is something that I will be working on - and actually considering having an affair, and just discussing intimate sex acts with strangers on the Internet has made me think hard about my marriage. I also now know more what I want and hopefully will now be brave enough to discuss our problems in detail. It may or may not work, but it's a start (another start).

wisiwig - something similar happened to me last October. The wife stopped turning me away, after I gained some confidence and became more sexually aware. Perhaps it was the "balance of powers" within marriage, or the realisation that it was important for me. I don't know. <br />
We don't allow you to leave the group until you provide written proof of an ******, certified by two reliable witnesses -:) <br />
Last time one of us escaped, I suggested the elephant protocol. These animals may be quite clever, but their concepts about privacy differ from our human approach. When the elephant girl and the elephant boy copulate, they do it in full view, while the entire herd is cheering on loudly. I propose we do the same with our EP friends. So, please, trunks up everyone, and three loud cheers for our friend wisiwig.

ThisIsNotEnough - "nomen est omen" - said the romans. Meaning somenthing like: the name is a warning sign.

I don't think that means you have to leave the group, lol.