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The Ultimate Story

Someone said they thought one of my stories was the best they have ever read on ILIASM.
  I am very flattered, but would have to disagree, but thanks Dyingonthevine.   This got me to thinking -   What is THE best post you have ever read here?
  The Ultimate UBA story that held such wisdom, or insight, or brutal truth to make you stand back and really really think. Maybe even change your outlook and make you act on something you were unsure about. Or possibly made you laugh so much it hurt?   I have read a few of them myself, one of my favourites is 'The house of cards'. I cant remember who wrote it or where it is and by not book marking them they get lost in the maelstrom of venting and moaning and winging - No disrespect, I do that too and a place to vent is ever so good. But we loose the pearls of wisdom.   Can you put the links on here? If you can, any pearls of wisdom from past threads or comments on the forum may help if they are all in one place.   Just a thought.   Sorry if this belongs in the forum board, not quite sure where to put it.
Endthegame Endthegame 41-45, M 3 Responses Jun 16, 2010

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I think it is too hard for me to pick a favourite story - so many EXCELLENT ones. But many, many, MANY beautifully expressed, intelligent and insightful thoughts which have really resonated with me. These have played a huge part in my clarity about my situation. Even today, some 16 months after "launching" (!!) and now living with my wonderful (exILIASM) man, I still find invaluable support and help here. A million thanks to the many fine minds who contribute here.

House of Cards is one of my favorites too. . . . . long live VB!