For Medical Reasons ...

... my husband and i had a wonderful sex life, up until 2 years ago, when he had a major operation. it's just not possible anymore, i want and need sex so badly right now i have considered having an affair, taking on a fwb, anything to help. i thought i could do without it, boy was i wrong.
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According to Christopher Reeve, he and his wife were sexually active... he stated it on national TV... just for the record.<br />
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My H had a medical condition too.... and when I suggested alternatives, his response was "What's in it for me?" At the time I just stared at him like a deer in the headlights, but now I would say... your marriage, that's what...<br />
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All that aside, I do sympathize with your plight Scoop... and wish you all the best. I think you will find an affair unsatisfactory in the end, they tend to be somewhat problematic.

there's a difference between truth saying and just plain thoughtlessness. just sayin<br />
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Scoop...sorry that you are going through what you are going through. There are several people here who are going through the same situation (although I am not one of them....I'm with another group of sexless marriage folk) I am glad you found this site, and if it offers you some comfort or help. Good.

What are you going to do?