Does Anyone Have Weird Freudian Dreams Like I Do About Sex?

The one I've been having is me, naked, around all kinds of different people in different settings, groups of women in shopping centers, mixed groups at the beach, people walking by on the street. I am completely naked and almost a shadow, not quite whole but more than a shadow. They see me but the don't stop. I am begging them to have sex with me, touch me, acknowledge me, but they don't. I have dreams of watching strangers having sex and wanting to be invited in but they can't see me and I can't touch them. I never dream of the DH anymore.

What's the almost invisible thing mean? I get the begging, it's because I feel reduced to it in my real life.

I am not talking about those wonderful sex dreams that make waking up and flying solo before getting out of bed fun, I mean those wierd they mean something dreams.

Any to share?

Also, and I would love answers please. If your spouse says they love you, but they aren't going to have sex with you, is it totally out of bounds to sincerely ask if you can take a lover? I'm serious. My husband and I have family, kids, a community, a huge farm, we don't want to get a divorce, I am NOT looking for love. I just want a nice guy who is really good at it and I'd like it if he could come over to the house once or twice a week and we could just do it and he could leave. No cuddling, no talking. I don't understand why my husband would have a problem with that.  Does anyone here have that kind of set up?
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Hello! whats a DH? .. interesting dream you got there! :)

In all honesty, since that is what this Board is about, I was having a "come-a-part" (as my Grammy used to call a meltdown) and had 2 glasses of wine too many and was typing in the middle of a tipsy pity party.<br />
<br />
We went to a wonderful outside wedding yesterday, full of people holding hands and happy and it kinda sent me over the edge. Oh well, I'm going to make it a GOOD day for ME.

Your dream suggests a feeling of fragments, parts, lacking the whole of you and not seen (invisible as meerin said). Your ideas for finding a lover who you don't / won't love to come to your house twice a week (no cuddling, no talking) sounds piecemeal, too. I don't know what is sadder the dream or the idea. Feeling whole, seen, known, desired and recognized is awesome and creates an incredible connection with another. And you deserve this whole experience... in your marriage, in your dreams, in your life.

The feeling like a shadow could symbolize that you feel invisible to your spouse or that your sexuality is invisible.