The Morning After - If Anyone Is Wondering - Folowing Along

I keep trying to post these as blogs, since they fall outside the realm iof ILIASM but since it isn't working I keep putting them here.

I finally slept last night. I went back in the house after getting attacked by mosquitos and crawled in bed. I actually fell alseep pretty fast. I was worn out emotionally.

This morning D woke me up to ask if I was going with him to work. I promised him earlier in the week I would go and help him today. I didn't really want to, but I got up. I didn't want to talk to him at all. He asked me something and I answered him, with a bit of an attitide. He was acting as if everything was A-ok. Another question asked and I shot back an answer in a snotty way. He finally says "oh, so you're going to be mean all day. i see." and i said "well, i give what I get" he says he has not done anything to me this morning. I said 'i'm talking about last night" He actually said to me "what did i do last ight?" AAAAAAAAA! I was screaming inside my head. Was he kidding. Seriously, did he just ask me that??

I said well you made fun of me crying when I was hurt, you called me names, you said you;ve only ever said you love me just to shut me up.

His response "no, no, no i didn't say that" me: "yes you did"

him: "well, i didn't mean it that way" me: "what did you mean then? it seemed pretty clear to me"

him: "i didn't mean it like that" me: " then how DID you mean it????" him: "whatever, are you erady to go?"

jerk. jerk. jerk.

he kept telling me all morning to cheer up, he called me "little trooper" about 15 times. he kept trying to have conversation with me. I responded minimally. I never smiled or laughed as he was trying to get me to.

now we are back home. he is on the computer and i will probably take a nap. I took a klonopin today and it has made me drowsy and foggy. I hate that.

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"little trooper"????????????? Really????????<br />
You are my hero for not taking him out right there.<br />
<br />
I get that, too. He says stuff right to my face and then "no, I never said that", "you misunderstood me" blah blah blah.<br />
<br />
Princess is spot on - Revisionist history.

Revisionist history. The story of my family of genesis -- although for wholly different reasons. I wonder does it do it on the fly too? My daddy did and it was so ridiculous and blatant it was funny to watch his teen grandchild call him on it. <br />
<br />
Princess Dontdoubtthetruthyouknow