I am in a sexless marriage because I just can't see myself having sex with someone who treats me less than my own sixteen year old daughter!  Everything is always my fault and we just don't get along. Unless of course he wants something from me.
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

V B is right on in that the goal post will always be shifting. Seems like a common thread between refusers is they blame the refused. They deflect by giving a list of "well if you just did A, B, & C... I would want to have sex". Then as soon as you do A, B, & C, you will find a new list of D, E, & F & a new list every time you do what "they want".. You can't win on that. Only when a refuser aknowledges that they have problems that they need to work on can it be "fixed". That isn't to say that both sometimes (& I do mean sometimes) play a role but each has to do something about their own issues. You can't fix their problems. You can only be the best you, you can be. You can't take a pill (figurativly) to fix somebody else's illness. Hope it gets better for you.