Laying Here, Next To My "fantasy Man"...

... and all he does is pass gas and snore?  I marry a Fireman and try to lie in bed with him tonight and tell him how sexy he is and how hot Firemen are.... All I got was stupid "f a r t" jokes, him passing gas and then eventually snoring after I tell him I was fantasizing about what he could do to me at the firehouse.  So, I got up, put my robe on, and got ready to go to the livingroom.  "Wait.  Where are you going?"  He wakes up, looking all surprised that I'm not curled up in my "corner" of the bed.  "I'm not tired," I tell him.  "I'm going online for a while, so I'll probably end up sleeping on the couch."
"No, wait.  You were saying something about the firehouse.  Come back..." he was already making himself comfortable in the middle of the bed.  Please.  So much for my "hero" fantasy... Why do I even bother?

I need to buy a more comfortable couch.
thoughtitwasme thoughtitwasme
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i guess that laughingagain's comment is more rational<br />
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i gree with her <br />
<br />
best wishes

Tell him you're considering having an affair and see if that gets his attention. If it doesn't cause him to change, then I'd say you might as well just go ahead and have one!

Not for all of us. He'd be a good match for my future ex. When we first were together, she was the happiest ****, now she thinks twice a month is a lot of sex.

Just had a look at your other stories too (to get a bit of background) thoughtitwasme.<br />
<br />
Within your marriage, HUGE efforts seem to be being made to address the situation.<br />
<br />
Only trouble is, that only one of the people involved is doing all the effort.<br />
<br />
For what it's worth, I do not believe it is possible to resolve a problem between two people if only one of them is doing the work. The non contributor overtly or covertly torpedo's any progress. <br />
<br />
That's not to say the non contributer will always be so (saw a post the other day from a previous 'non contributer' who took ownership of their part - and turned things around, but such outcomes are very rare) - but the chances of a radical change in attitude are not good.

How many times have I heard the same, "Where are you going?" As if they don't know! Does anything change because of that? Hardly.