Tricked And Caught

It was friday night and as planned i was going out clubbing, my girl friend did not want to come she said she was going to curl up in front of the telly with a good film and a glass of wine. I suppose that should have made me suspicious but no exited about an evening out on the town on my own wow!
I had a few drinks in a couple of pubs on route to the club, it was now 10.30, in i went. I was soon soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying a few drinks, when this great looking girl walked over and started chatting, i bought her a drink and we sat a table sipping our drinks and chatting, "married" she asked no i laughed,"you" no i have a b/f nothing to serious she grinned.
After several drinks she asked if i would like to go back to hers for a coffee, well anyone refusing that offer from a beautiful girl would want there heads examining. So off we went only about 20 mins away in we went, "fancy something stronger"she asked " yes a vodka and orange would do nicely please". It was'nt to long before we started kissing and man could she kiss, she took my hand and walked me to the bedroom, my heart thumping thought i must be having a dream,soon we were down to basic under wear " this might sound a bit weird "she said" but do you fancy a bit of bondage", i had tried  it with the odd rope or two before and thought what the hell if thats what she wants lets go for it. Lets have another drink then we will do she said with a sexy grin on her lips, i could'nt get my drink down fast enough, oh my God i started to feel dizzy all i could see was her grinning at me. I must have passed out at that point and when i awoke she had in a pvc outfit and handcuffed to bed wrists and ankles to match."there that should hold you "she laughed she rubbed her hands over my nipples through the pvc getting me more and more aroused I thought we were going to........ ha ha ha no no no you got it all wrong she dialling on her mobile "hello yes its Carla, oh believe me he is going nowhere yes hun thats fine bye." Whats going on" i demanded, with that a ball gag was strapped very tight to my mouth making it very difficult to make any sound let alone talk.
I was left alone for i don't know maybe an hour then i heard the doorbell ring, this way the door opened and .. OH MY GOD  it was my girl friend," well you are in a fix she laughed, thanks Carla you have done a grand job, i have been suspicious of you two timing me now you are caught and its punishment time".I struggled against my bonds " no good trying that you are in them for a long time to come hun"right pass the blindfold Carla" i was now in darkness as well" think we will go to the club and deal with this one when we decide to return don't you, Carla smiled what a good idea who knows who we might meet there". They both kissed my cheek and went out slamming the door giggling bye they shouted don't go anywhere will you better get used to it we have only just started bang went the front door, all i could do was lay there and wait..................  
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

great now not only in a sexless marriage but I'm horny as hell too! LOL

He got lost on the way to the "I write Erotica" group.

I think this story belongs in the 'I have fantasies about dominant women' group. I'm sure there is such a group if you look.

....... and wait until the sequel. <br />
<br />
You should write a book!

Or two.