I Thought I Was Alone....

After reading here, I don't know what to think. I had begun to think that women were incapable of long term realtionships, using sex only as an aquisitional tool. Once the relationship was safely in hand, the sex died, as well as any form of imagination allowed. Those who peruse my EP page will see/here my fanatasies, but none of it's real. I'm very fit, my wiife's friends all think I'm hot, as well as a great guy. But I feel like the untouched lover in love with the untouchable love. reading the stories of women in the same type of relationship stuns me, how do we cope? How do we carry on? I wouldn't divorce because I'd be leaving a daughter I adore with someone who is emotionally manipulative. Try convincing a divorce judge of something like that? It isn't that my wife is a horrible person, or unlovable, but she takes a lot of love and patience, which I probably have way too much of. Would love to hear from any of you, to hear there are real people who understand how lonely and isolated this all makes me feel. In spite of all this, I manage to be a pretty happy guy, I'm wired that way, and I've just learned to lower my expectaions of life, and count the blessings I do have.
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Amazing. My wife's second lover and third lover both had an issue at home with inadequate sex. Both had been married many years, love their wives, and family - just needed something they were not getting at home and my Hotwife was the answer. I found both on the Internet, interviewed and qualified each as a man my wife could enjoy. We developed a background story, made introductions and months later she found out the guy was taken by her and would love to have sex with her. Perfect world - a willing hotwife, a needy man who loves his wife and a husband that knows he is sharing his wife. I admire you staying with your marriage for your daughter - now just look for the right relationship - she needs to be happily married or she could become a problem for your marriage. Good luck!

I found EP 3 1/2 years ago due to same situation--and now have ended an empty emotionless marriage--and I couldn't be in a happier place. Life is good--

'I'm wired that way, and I've just learned to lower my expectaions'<br />
I know that one.<br />
Trouble was (with me anyway) is that the continued lowering of expectations eventually bottomed out, until there were none.<br />
At some point you might need "the line in the sand" beyond which you will retreat no further.

Oh yes, there are more people than you think that have the same issue. It is surprising, but comments on here have helped me in making decisions. But yes, it is very lonely and sometimes even cold! <br />
<br />
I wish you luck!!

It's wonderful that you are a 'happy guy'! Sometimes, it's very hard to stay positive in such a negative situation. <br />
How do we carry on? If you read the posts, you'll see various options - separate sleeping arrangements, appointment sex, therapy and a whole host of other coping strategies. If there's anything you're considering, someone here would have tried it!<br />
This is a wonderful place to feel less lonely and more understood. <br />
So, sadly, welcome to the group. Enjoy your time here.

I encourage you to read as many stories and forum posts here. It will help you to understand the many fifferent aspects of this situation. You will find a wide range of people from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences - because sexless marriages occur in every demographic.<br />
<br />
Posters will amuse you, inform you, frustrate you, advise you, support you, inspire you, exasperate you, and give you a good kick in the rear if you need it!! Embrace all this, because you will find you will grow in understanding and as you do, your way forward in the future will become clearer.<br />
<br />
Wishing you a happier future.