Wants To Be "babied"

I live in the Atlanta Georgia area.  What I desire and long for is for a woman to take charge sexually and be very dominant to me physically.  Then I would be so extremely happy for her to treat me like she would a "baby".  I would strive to make sure her sexual needs were met to the best of my ability. Also, I would be patient and not demanding with her when she was not in the mood.   But I would ask little more than this:That is to feed me baby food, let me breast feed if possible, to powder me, put baby oil on me and to change my wet and messy diapers.  I would even pay a woman to do this with me but  I am not absolutely the richest guy out there either. I would treat the woman like a queen, and I would otherwise act like a true gentleman with her with totally respect to her, etc.  ideally she would surprise me with the "baby" games and she would spring  them on me, but hopefully often yet unexpected enough to delight me with the element of surprise and fantasy.  Especially at Christmas, my birthday and other "gift" times, it would be simple, she could get me "baby" clothes and force me to be her baby. That would be worth more to me than any other gift on earth she could give me.  In return, I would gladly provide her anything materially I could afford if she could but meet this desire and longing for me in return.

This longing goes all the way back to my childhood and I knew of this desire as early as age of 5.

Will like to share more with the right person.

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Is there an "I want to be a baby" group on EP?

FLMAO!!! Is this for real??

Hope you find what you are looking for, but it ain't here.

Hey dingdong, did you even notice where you posted this? <br />
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