Am I Wrong

I thought I had posted my story before but it looks like it didn't work. I have been married 30 plus years. Last 10 have been sexless and before that sex was always a problem for us with miss matched desire. After 5 years or so I started chatting with a couple of woman on line. That has resulting in sex chat and phone sex. But I still need more intimacy. Is it wrong to go farther.
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So going forward puts my marriage at risk and I am very close to be willing to do so.

It is your choice. I made mine and I'm loving it.

Stick around and read a lot more from the stories and forum in this group. Most of us are not going to get into "right or wrong", but support you in your struggles and your choices.

Thats is your call friend? We all miss sex and love thats why we are here.<br />
Its been 3 years for me without female sex.<br />
I have had sex with a man, I do have bi tendencies. But its still not the same.<br />
Not wanting to put men down but its far easier to meet men for sex than women without haveing to pay.<br />
No one would condem you if you did have sex.

That's a question only you can answer tp.<br />
Pretty much agree with maninfull.