She Says She Still Loves Me

We have been married for 30 years, before we were married sex was infrequent as she didn't want to have "real" sex which meant using a condom (she wasn't on birth control) or during her period with a tampon inserted.

On our wedding night she didn't want sex as she was tired, I finally got sex after a lot of begging. Our honeymoon consisted of staying at home and painting the kitchen, no sex because she had her period(was the only time available to get married)

Sex after that was always once a night is enough, so after sex I would go and jerk of in the toilet as she would roll over and go to sleep after her ******. In the last 20 years we would average about 6 times a year.

In the last few years she has told me (when I try to initiate sex), that she wants her own space, or she just wants some time to herself and her latest is that she doesn't want sex just a friend!!!!

She never comes to me for a kiss or a cuddle (I love kissing and cuddling, just another thing to miss out on).

Hmmm what's she telling me??

It can't be that she doesn't get satisfaction from sex, she has an ****** every time and very intense too.

She never wants to see me naked, tells me to cover up, and never lets me see her naked, (unless I go into the bathroom when she is in the shower, or just gets out of it.

I even said to her if she didn't want to have sex with me maybe she should find me a girlfriend, she promptly said I wasn't to do that. I think she still wants me as her husband, but doesn't seem to want to do anything about the lack of sex aspect. I want to love her but she just keeps pushing me away both physically and emotionally.

I am now thinking that I don't want sex as random sex is not really satisfying of and by me refusing I am now over the torture of wanting more sex than is offered, I want/need a regular sex life not just a random **** from my wife. If wanted random sex I would look for random women to have sex with!!!

Sorry for the rant but you can see how screwed up she is making me.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

She is lying to you and she always has. She does not love you. Just dump her. You are too young for this bullshit. <br />
<br />
I have a question, though: Why do you think SHE is staying in the sexless marriage?