Weekends S U C K...

Remember when we were younger and the weekend was something to look forward to?  I used to LIVE for the weekends!  It was a time for fun- whether it be parties, the beach, bbq-ing, bars, just spending time with your family and friends, kickin' back- having a good time.  Then going to bed with that special someone, holding each other, making love all night and waking up in each other's arms.... Well, let's wake up to reality, shall we?  Weekends BLOW.  It's Sunday afternoon and I cannot WAIT until Monday.  Yesterday was a DISASTER.  My "delightful" husband decided to roll out of bed at the a s s-crack of 2 in the AFTERNOON.  He went to bed at 11PM- not like he was up all having S E X or anything... This was after he promised our daughter and I a full "family day" together of bbq-ing out back with the kiddie pool, sprinklers, and just some good, relaxing fun.  I had everything the meat marinated, drinks chilled- everything READY to go by 11 AM.  I tried to wake him twice.  After getting my head bitten off the second time, I decided to give up.   So, I took our daughter outside and played for a while.  When we came back in for a break (it was HOT yesterday) he was finally up making himself some eggs.  He sickened me, standing there in the kitchen in his boxers, scratching himself and passing gas.  "I didn't know it was so late..." he grumbled.  "What's this for?"  He pointed at the coolers I had packed.  I bit my lip so hard I swore there was a hole in my mouth.  "For our bbq.  We were just outside waiting for you.  Just come outside when you're ready, ok?  We just need charcoal, so..."  I couldn't even finish my sentence when I notice the spatula go flying into the sink.  'Here we go,'  I think to myself.  "Why the **** are we staying here today?!  I don't WANT to stay here with these idiot tenants!!  You never do what I want to do!  You know I HATE these people!  I want to go somewhere!"  Ugh... This bbq at home was HIS idea last night because he didn't feel like driving anywhere else, and he wanted to have a few beers and doesn't want to drink and drive.  This man is crazy.  So it begins- the slamming of the cabinets, the dishes, he goes in the shower and then starts yelling about me.  in the meantime, I bring my daughter back outside and set up the pool.  About a half an hour later, "Mr. Personality" comes out and his phone rings.  'Fantastic,"  I think, because I just KNOW this is a tenant from our building who saw him and is asking for his help.  And, yet again, this will be MY fault.  BINGO.  "ARE YOU SATISFIED?!?!" He throws his phone on the sidewalk like a 5 year old.  "As SOON as I walk outside to have some 'quality time with my family' (SERIOUSLY???) they see me and need me to fix something!!  Do you see what I have to deal with???"  I walk over to his phone, pick it up, walk over to my daughter's pool and drop it right in.  "There.  Now you don't have to deal with anyone,"  I smile.  "Don't give me that CRAP about 'what YOU have to deal with, you sniveling little brat.  You get PAID for this, AND you get a free apartment.  THIS IS YOUR JOB.  AND you get to SLEEP ALL DAY if you want to.  So, shut your F*CKING MOUTH and do what you are PAID TO DO."  Cut to 2 hours later- my daughter and I are outside playing in the pool, food's on the grill, and "Mary Sunshine" is sulking in the corner.  His phone is still in pieces, trying to dry out. 

Today is no different- it's now about 1:30PM and yup, you guessed it!  He is STILL ASLEEP.  We no longer sleep in the same room because I find the couch much less stressful these days.  At least it FEELS like someone is holding me, you know?  Oh, wait- he just blessed me with his presence!  Oh, Glory be!  "1:30?!?  Why didn't you wake me up?"  There he goes again, scratching himself... YUCK.  I can't even LOOK at him.  "What are we doing today?"  He asks me.  I have to physically restrain myself at this point from reaching for the Louisville Slugger next to the couch... Easy..easy..... I see him glance around the livingroom with a look of disgust on his face.  I haven't cleaned this morning.  I slacked off all weekend, which is odd for me, but I just haven't given a s h i t... "Hey, I know," he says with a fake enthusiasm.  "How about a family clean-up day?"  My eye is starting to twitch.  Now my Blackberry alerts me to a text.  It's a girlfriend of mine reminding me that I wanted to meet up for drinks later on today.  YES!  "You know, a Family Clean-Up Day would be GREAt !" I plaster a big smile on my face and jump up off the couch.  "Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to take a raincheck, though... I forgot about some plans I have.  I will, however, take all the cleaning supplies out for you guys and you can surprise me with a job well done when I get home, ok?"  He looks confused.  Ah, but now he's starting in on my family... just to **** me off.  This is what he does.  If he can't get under my skin one way, he does it another.  Where is that bat, again??
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Toss his s h i t off the Brooklyn bridge. No reason you gotta leave your spread and go through the hassle of grabbing a pad in the city. You'd be amazed at how happy tenents may be when Grouchy Dude is gone.

This is NOT a marriage - it is a battle ground. Your husband sounds lazy, selfish, unmotivated, uncaring and generally a wasyte of space. Take the good advice you've been given here, and please GET OUT. Neither you nor your child deserve this. It is OVER in every sense of the word.<br />
<br />
Once you lose respect for your spouse you also lose love. And then the vacuum created is filled with negativity . . . please spare both yourself and your child the toxicity of this so called "relationship".

I can relate to remembering how "nice" weekends used to be, and how they were something to look forward to.<br />
<br />
My husband has been Mr. Sunshine today as well. Most days he is like this. Lucky us huh.<br />
Today what set it off was someone knocking on the door, a friend came to visit someone in the family. So, I heard all of the commotion of our dogs barking when the door was answered, with my H yelling, as usual. So when I came to the room to see what all of the ruckus was about, I am greeted by this, and the Oh so lovely sneer pasted across my H's face, as he picks up his stuff and heads to his retreat, the garage. <br />
Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood here, lol.

This isn't fair on your daughter - and don't think she isn't taking this in as the right way to live. You have to change things or get out - my guess is get out to be honest. Sorry, but do you think he's going to wake up and be a different guy one day? No, neither do I.