How Come I Still Feel The Desire

Today she was wearing a two piece bathing suit. It nicely showed off the curve of her breast and just covered her nipple. How come after all these years and knowing that there was no chance anything would happen it still turned me on? I mentioned she looked good in it. She did at least acknoledge the compliment. 
Tee53 Tee53
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5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

TP, <br />
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are male and she is female. Stop wondering why you feel desire for a scantily clad woman.... just because you married her long ago. <br />
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You are normal and you are not dead yet. Dump your unloving wife and go live before her abuse kills your soul.

I felt that when i left (almost 6 months ago), and still feel that way today. But the feelings are one sided, and that just doesn't work.

I don't really have those much in the way of those feelings any more toward my wife. She's in great shape and very attractive but seeing her in a state of undress stirs little inside me,except some possible anger, resentment, loathing... you know. The usual.

Maybe it is time to seriously consider starting over with someone new . . . ??

Yes there is still desire there but then thinking about actually having sex with her is strange. I can;'t really imagine it would go well. Seems like it would be easier starting over with someone new.