In Case You Were Wondering

Those of you who make up my circle here may have wondered who this "for60" is and why he's in your friends list. Well, my user name used to be magpie with an "x" instead of the "g".

My stbx, despite saying over and over that she wants an amicable divorce, started trashing my profile on here when she found it. Of course, now she swears blind that it wasn't her but I'm not that stupid. Two very wonderful EP friends notified me and helped me take my stories off and change my username to for60. Another wonderful friend here replied to some of the ****** comments left. To you 3, thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

To fill in the gaps on what's been happening with me, the stbx and I have agreed to an amicable divorce. There's really very little for us to fight over anyway. We spent our savings on immigrating here.

It's almost 100% certain that I'll move again - this time to the USA - to be with my ILIASM love. When? Probably (hopefully) December. I will keep you all updated! It seems we are just meant to be. Yep, she's AWESOME! I'm pretty sure those of you who know her would agree with me.

Thanks to all you wonderful folk for being there when I really needed you guys. I'm still here, just not very active ATM but you're all welcome to PM me if you have a question. I love you guys!


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4PM - It's interesting to read this post now. I did read this last year and retrospect, it looks so different.<br />
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How far you've come and ironically, how much you're still in the same place!<br />
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Just shows that life does not move on our timetable. Only our minds can.

Hi Princess,<br />
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Thanks. I like your user name so don't change it. Unless you were talking about changing your surname by getting divorced from your refuser in which case you'll have all of our support :-D<br />
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Hey you,<br />
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I saw you pop up and I went looking for who went "missing" and figured it was you. Thanks for sharing though! ;)<br />
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Princess Thinksaboutchanginghernamedaily

Thanks guys for your comments!<br />
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enna, don't worry about much, he's a spammer and I've flagged him already! I thought a little more about the stbx posting all sorts of nasty **** on my profile and I think it also had to do with the fact that she's so sensitive to criticism. She would've seen some of the nasty comments about refusers on my stories, immediately taken them to heart as being aimed directly at her (even though they're by people who don't know her) and lashed out in "self-defense".<br />
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Thanks eternalhope, what a nice thing to say. I think things are going to be great for us. I'm trying my best to speed things up this side, but it looks like it'll be December before I can leave here and move in with my love. I'm so looking forward to that!<br />
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Thanks blackdress, I'll try to check in more often from now on. How are things going over there? Yeah, I like my new user name too - my love chose it!!!

Mag, I'm so happy for you and your love. Thanks for checking in; I have been wondering about you and what was going on. <br />
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LOVE the new name too ;-)

Refusers just can't bear to see us happy. Messes with them in a big way! For60, I'm very happy that things are working out for you! You deserve all the good things coming your way.

Hey darlin, nice to hear from you. Will be nice to chat again!<br />
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enna, thanks. Yeah, refusers can do/say the strangest stuff sometimes, and dog in the manger certainly comes to mind! I certainly agree that my love and I are made for each other and we are going to have a wonderfully happy time together. I like my new name - she came up with it!!! :-)

Magpie!, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. What is it with these spouses? There is a strong element of "dog in the manger" about lots of Refusers - as in "I don't want him/her, but no-one else can have him/her". <br />
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I know that you and your ILIASM love are just made for each other - and that your love will transcend all the pain you have both suffered. . . LOVE your new name BTW!!!! LOL

glad you are well M!!! so sorry for all that you are going thru. and that i didn't notice the change earlier. hopefully my stuff will settle soon and we can chat again! xoxo

Thanks TINE. Yep, I'm getting excited. As time goes on, things are starting to fall into place and it's like life is reaffirming that we're meant to be together. It's a big move but I think it's going to be a really good one.<br />
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I wonder where the rest of my EP mates are... Princess, choccie, noideas, vegassbaby, madamrobinson, sandnsurf, darlinsam and all the rest who I haven't mentioned by name, Where are you all?

There you are!!! I had wondered what was going on. I'm glad to hear that you are ok, and that things are moving along for you.<br />
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I wish you and your new love much joy and happiness.<br />
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