I F*^king Hate Him

I am so stuck in this shithole of a marriage. I hate him. I can't stand to look at him watching t.v. or playing video games!! I want to kick him in the ******* skull!! He took my youth!! I have been with him since I was 17. We had one big breakup where i dated someone else for 2 months, and that was over 10 years ago. He cheated on me, I took him back and forgave him. I am a good wife, I am a good mother. I keep the house clean, the kids clean, make dinner everynite. I don't shop or go out. I am P.T.A president, I kiss his family's ***, I don't complain when he goes out with the boys. I keep dinner warm if he is working late. and what the **** do I ask for? Sex, oh god forbid after a long day of wiping kids *****, and doing dishes I want to feel like a woman and not just a mom. I put my kids to bed early so that there would be plenty of time if the mood arose. and what does he do he watches ******* t.v. If I mention sex I get the eyeroll. Last night for the first time in months we went out to dinner with friends, when we get home I say let's go up early tonite so he says ok. He starts playing his ******* video game, at 1130 I say its getting late (hint hint) so he shut off the game then he makes a comment about how much money we spent eating out. That was it, besides it being late, now I was completely turned off. He goes to take the condom out of the nightstand and I told him to forget it im not in the mood. Then he has the nerve to get mad at me!!!! I really really am hating life right now!! I wish I had it to do all over again. Sorry I am rambling but I am at my wits end.....
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get out and make him pay

I would reccomend having an affair, it will make dealing with all the other stuff easier.

Hi I am sorry to everyone who answered me, I didn't realize I had new posts. Irish, I think that is what I am going thru, every emotion, that day happened to be anger. I am not as angry now, just at my wits end. I don't know what to do. We are working on it, and having it more often but I am still not happy...<br />
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and Jeffery, there is no point screwing with the system since he will only get another one. I kinda knew he liked video games but its getting insane now. His answer is at least I am home.... Where do you live Jeff?

Cabman49, what's the bad situation? Her story or meeting up with Jeffery? lol

I think you should meet up with jeffrey!!

Sugar...at this point I am downright violent. lol

WOW, and I thought I was the only angry person! Damn! We're all toast if we don't find some A** soon!

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"OK, me too ... Nice judo-flip, Hungry..."<br />
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I think I stubbed my toe. *sniff*

I find myself so freakin grumpy that I am yellin at everyone!!

I'm throwin with Hungry too. This life has made even the nicest of people get grumpy. I know I aint the same person after doin my time with a man who never wanted to Get It On.

I deleted the 'overly descriptive" post. <br />
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This sideshow of sanctimonious outrage distracts from the OP's thread and does her a disservice. If an apology is in order for anything I have written, she certainly has mine and has it in a heartbeat. As for those who jumped on the bandwagon, may I suggest with respect that it's just not your issue.

Decide by committee?? What the hell is that?? I am a free man, damn it! Next, we will be unionized and some fat cat will be collecting dues! <br />
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Seriously, Hungry Guy, I believe you deserve a bit of slack. Sexlessness messes with our heads. Lord knows I have written a ton of nutty things here over the past year. Some of it makes me cringe! We all start off lost and confused along this journey through madness. Having said that, you should read a lot more here because the collective experiences that have been shared are invaluable. One thing that becomes more and more apparent is that the core of our problem is simple: our mates are not interested in sex with us. Consciously or subconsciously, they enjoyed sex earlier to snag us. Now, there is nothing that dressing up, losing weight, taking exotic vacations, taking viagra, holding scented candle-light vigils, etc. will do because the desire is just not there.

Out of the ashes of anger emerges the truth.

I have tried to get his attention Hungry, trust me this is an ongoing prob for years. Like i said before, friday nite I got on top and used him to take care of myself, (for all of about a minute and a half, ) I wanna lay back and enjoy it for once. <br />
This all reminds me of a song by meatloaf and at the end he says he is "praying for the end of time so I can end my time with you" I said to Hubby the other day I love that line it is the best, I got no reaction from him at all..

QUOTE: Posted by maninfull on Jul 26th, 2010 at 3:43PM:<br />
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"Hungryguy, thanks for the erotica, now go **** off, you ain't got a clue."<br />
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Switch to decaf kiddo or take your afternoon meds. But don't waste my time with your cute-*** tantrums. <br />
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As far as "ain't got a clue" goes, I've been living with this issue for fifteen out of my 29 years of marriage. I live it and breathe it - not because I want to but because my only choice seems to be leaving her. So I understand. I get it. Now do YOU get it? <br />
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The OP is in pain and is looking for help from people who are willing to be her friends. Your insults don't help. My advice to her may read like erotica to your head, but it was not offered in jest. I was serious. She needs to get his attention somehow.

No guilt is off the table, I have discussed this prob with hubby to death if he chooses to not do anything about it then its not my problem, if you ask me it's his fault. Who am i kidding I wont do anything anyway.

You know, sometimes you just need it - even if there's no attraction. I went through a stage I'd have done anyone who had a pulse! Whatever, it'll get it out of your system, and you can start thinking straight. And forget guilt - useless x

Me too choccie.. I swear the next guy that pays any attention to me is gettin it!! I actually have a friend who grew up with me, he is in a similar situation as me. He travels for his job, alot. I am not attracted to him at all but maybe the next time he is in New York, he may get it anyway!!

Yes, I definitely went through the anger stage - unfortunately he still couldn't give a s****! I started feeling a whole lot better when I started feeling someone else though, and all the anger just went away!

Maybe we should set up an alibi club. I'll say you were with me aaaaaallll night. Nope, we have not a clue how both our husbands ended up in traction.

Sugar.. I don't know what it is, he lives and breathes video games. We were on our way home from a party and I mentioned him playing and he started bitching like a little girl. I have to say he stopped considerably, he used to play all nite 3 or 4 times a week, he now plays like twice a week, and one day is scheduled so I know I can make plans if I want to on that nite.<br />
GaDad..You don't find me to be disturbed? I am the furthest thing from a southern belle lol. I am a Brooklyn Chick!! lol I really do picture it tho, I sit on one couch he sits on the other and i feel like leaning back and kicking him right in the side of his face. Especially when we are watching a movie with a sex scene and it stirs up absolutely nothing inside him..

Hmm, what's with video games emasculating some men. My H is the same way. He loves his T.V. and Video games more than life itself. Maybe that's the only place they can admit that they're not men and it'll be ok. <br />
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I know how you feel. One day I finally got completely turned off. Till this day, it kills me whenever I let him peck me on my cheeks. I am so grossed out! I myself, I'm shocked at my reaction. He's tried everything to turn me on, but to no avail...I hope this will not be the case for you.

Like what the **** I ask for....It benefits him too...Last week I just got on top and rode him, he barely moved. I am so going to have an affair with the first man that pays any attention to me...


LoL@Anar.. Is there phases to sexlessness? I might be hitting the anger phase. The other day I told my friend that the most exciting part of my day is when my farmville crops are ready!!

Just make sure that you stay cool enough to cover your boot with a plastic bag.