When She Opens Her Mouth

It's not that I don’t want to
I wonder around all day with a stiffy all day
some times its so hard it hurts
theirs always this wet spot when it drools
I have to adjust it all the time because a bent stiffy hurts
then I come home and see her I want her so bad I could feel her naked skin against mine
I want to taste her and smell her
I want to explore her body with my tongue and listen to the sounds she makes as it touches the spots she likes
and as I teas the sweet spot that makes her thrust her hips into my face as she screams ooooooooo
and then start over again I would enter in with my throbbing hard as a rock member
but instead she opens her mouth when we see each other and starts complaining about any thing and everything
the winey voice grates at my skin like scratching a chalk board
and I am no longer hard

robin2967 robin2967
46-50, M
12 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I tried that yesterday got all the way Io Iowa and turned around for James my boy<br />
alls I could see was his face telling my I wont let you leave <br />
and he was right he didn't let me leave

Hey Robin,<br />
<br />
I just left my whining refuser of 10 years. Granted, I didn't have a kid to factor in but I can tell you for sure the relief of not having to deal with the constant moaning and the always "trying to make me a better person" (her words), is MASSIVE. I've found a wonderful woman here on EP who loves me for who I AM and not who she can make me. I'll soon be moving to live with her. I can't tell you how much the constant criticism is eroding your sense of self. I can only see now how mine was wrecked so remember it's not only your sex life that's suffering. All the best mate.

I keep family life, love and sex separate, for lots of years and I am still happy. Sometime sex and love do not match, so I have gf and mistress to take the roll.

not going to happen I'll find some one who who likes me

Too much thinking and too much talky talky. Take action. Put on something hard - maybe Metallica - so loud you can't hear her. Bang her until snot is flying up to the ceiling. Communication is over rated - speak with your penis. She will understand.

Ha! I like this! Well done. Sometimes its awfully hard not to be a harpy, but this post really brings it home. I think it's great that you still want your wife enough to get a woody for her all day. Wonder if my hubby ever gets hard when he thinks of me?

Open communication is important for both parties. What I did to avoid the B+itch is call in advance and let her get it off her chest. Try to remember the same questions each day, how is the boy, what does she want attention too, etc. Also, have you done anything to surprise her?

some times like today I want to leave <br />
she uses my 8 year old sun agents me <br />
you don't care enough about your sun to stay <br />
once she told me I did my job by donating ***** so she could have James <br />
I love my sun he's fun <br />
I hate my wife's family and I really don't like her <br />
I don't belong in Minnesota aether

I think my wife used to do that so we would end up mad and that would give her yet another reason not to have sex.

That's why the iPOD was invented. Turn it way up, just say "yeah" - "uh huh" and push her down and have your way with her.

ball gag?