Not In The Mood? Well Listen To This!!

I was watching the show Yes Dear, and found this scene both funny and interesting.

Have a look...what do you think?

imathinkin imathinkin
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Haha, that's cute! Encore.

I think we should all absolve ourselves of any responsibility whatsoever and run our lives based on tv shows.<br />
Don't think I will use this show as my template tho, I would be more inclined to use old episodes of "Get Smart"<br />
Yes, I can see it now, <br />
"Well 99, in view of your refusal, I have 25 delectable women queing up outside ready to bonk me right now. Would you believe it ?? 25 !!"<br />
"I find that very hard to believe Max"<br />
"How 'bout 10 ???"<br />
"I don't think so Max"<br />
"How 'bout an 80 year old transvestite with 3 limbs missing ?"

I don't want to get a divorce, who would? It's like posting a huge sign that says, "I failed". But at what point do you finally summon the strength and conviction to declare, "I deserve better than this"?

I agree imathinkin, blaming and complaining isn't productive.<br />
<br />
I also once believed I could do all the things on her list and if I did she would then desire me. <br />
<br />
I now believe none of that matters and never did. All the flowers, candles, music, romantic dinners, cards, gifts, chores and everything else was never going to make the difference.<br />
<br />
Either they desire us or they don't.

Okay, but still, it's better to remain optomistic or at least have a plan, a goal, than to just sit there and grumble, to try everything rather than to just conceed defeat, isn't it? Yes, I believe I have done everything I can in my marriage and it takes more than one to change. Some feel an affair is the answer. To me, that's like putting a bandaid on a chest wound. Maybe flowers are not the answer, and yeah it's a sitcom, they need to wrap it all up with a pretty bow at the end, and we all know it's just not that easy. But, blaming and complaining, just isn't productive.

like beatin a horse is that it creates a stinky smell and draws flies. leave it alone and quit addin to Hallmark's bottom line when buyin all those candles.

Well, until EP, I had no idea it was so common. Thanks for sharing.

Yes. I agree totally. However, what happens when you bought the flowers on several occasions, do dinner, wash her car, etc., etc. and write poetry, professing love and there is still nothing? Yes, I am expecting reciprocation. There is a great book by Paulo Coelho, "Brida." He explains what sex is. I showed that to my wife and she agreed. Even if you do nothing wrong or almost nothing wrong it is a surrender/trust issue. If someone has that personality there is little to no chance things will ever change without their having an epiphany!

Love the last clip!

Flowers never worked for me. And yeah, not all the women are either.

Him - "All theguys are getting flowers"<br />
<br />
Her - "All the guys are getting sex"<br />
<br />
Uh, no. No they are not.

Yes, lol, it sure never went like that for me either...except for the last part where I whispered something and a look of shock mixed with disgust came over his face.

Cute clip. I wish I could have gotten my STBX to talk about the sexlessness like that.